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First Offical weight in...weight more....

Well I did it!! I started last monday but had my first "offical" weigh in today. I lost 9 1/2 lbs. I am of course happy.

But there is a side note. The last 2 days I weighed exactly the same and this morning I gained a pound... Kind let down considering I did it 100%..:(

But Again on the plus side, I have lost 1/2 and inch off each thigh and arm and 1inch from my breasts in 3 days!!

I guess I should be happy!!

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well done hun, keep up the good work.xx


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9 1/2 lbs
I have lost 1/2 and inch off each thigh and arm and 1inch from my breasts in 3 days!!
Well done!!!



Love Mini xxx


Mistress Mush!
Congrats! Thats a brilliant loss! You should be Pleased..

Personally i only weigh-in once a week with my CDC so that i dont know how its going.. You feel much better that way... Though i cant say that for my mum who weighs in everyday!! lol


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Don't worry about the gain hun -- it's pretty common to fluctuate up and down! As long as overall you go in the right direction :D

Congrats on the loss for your first week -- that's brilliant! xx
Thank you all for the encouragement. I was really worried about the gain and thought I did something wrong, but I got some new uber scales, ( which show I am actually 5 lbs more than I thought I was - which is also what the cdc's scales show) which are better than my old ones. And since yesterday I think things have caught themselves up. I have lost 5 more lbs. so I am happier ...but I will wait till next monday to see what the ACTUAL figure will be.

But thanks again all...is it very much appreciated.

v j looks like you and I are just about in the same boat! =-)


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wow FFBB!! that's a great loss. and a great inch loss too :D and i wouldn't worry if you go up a bit occasionally. i just think of it as an easy extra lb loss for the next week :)

you're doing fabulously :D

abz xx
Well done on a great loss...and try and keep off the scales.My weight goes up and down daily,but I have never had a gain over the week on my CDC's scales and only once STS.
Don't worry about gaining a pound and like you said just wait till your next weigh in. It could be anything, you might have forgot to drink enough water.. or you hadn't pee'd enough when you weighed lol.

Always weigh yourself at the same time, in the morning is best for me after all the rituals of morningness are done.

You could also be gaining a little fluid because if its TOTM :)

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