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First proper attempt at dieting, hoping Exante will be manageable

Hi all

I am awaiting my delivery of Exante after ordering yesterday, I think I've got a couple of stone ish to lose, but waiting for DD to finish watching Shrek so that I can weigh myself on the wii.

Very excited that I am going to be able to fit back into my clothes although a little confused about exactly what we're allowed.
I'm looking at doing the one with a small meal a day.

Also need to try and do meals where the kids can eat them too if anyone has any tips!
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Good luck with Exante x

When your order arrives, there should be a couple of booklets in one of the boxes, they will give you a lot of information on the diet and what you can and can't have.

If you're looking for recipes, there is a recipe sub-forum here on minimins and also there are some recipes on the Exante website :)
Best of luck with it!
Welcome and good luck

Hi all, thank you for the welcome. I'm doing the Working Solution. Am very confused with what I'm allowed to eat or drink though. So far I have had a shake and a bar. I know I've got a soup left to have and a meal, but not sure how I should do it.
Will have a look for the recipes as I've got some chicken, but need to make it so the rest of the family ccan eat it too.
Yesterday went ok. Had a piece of steak and some ovened Kale with spices for my evening meal. Have got used to coffee with sweetner and a little vanilla powder. Tried green tea and was nearly sick so that's off the menu! Have swimming lessons with my daughter today so that will keep me occupied for a couple of hours. Managing to drink plenty of water which I never expected as I hate the stuff, although I've got up 5 or 6 times the last 2 nights for the loo and slept really badly as I keep dreaming about food. I so hope I go into ketosis tomorrow!
it took me a couple of tries before I liked coffee with sweetener and a bit of vanilla too. Now I just have a splash of milk instead. Can't you have a splash of milk if you're doing WS or are you using that option for something else?

I haven't included milk yet as I've only just worked out that I'm allowed it! So yes, I could do, will probably do so after I've used this vanilla packet up.

How do everyone managed to stomach the soups?

I've been swimming and now got a pounding headace, trying to down plenty of water. Yuck!
Doing okay so far I think. Went to OHs graduation today and nabbed a chicken skewer but it had sauce on it, also had a piece of salmon and cheese but gave the cracker to OH. Oh and had a glass of wine but got some ketostix and it went mid pink comparing it with all the pinks. Not sure if this means I'm in ketosis or not though!

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