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First shake down ..........


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Morning everyone

Just finished my first shake but it took my over half an hour as I have really bad tonsilitis. I wasn't going to start until today anyway, but yesterday I couldn't face anything at all as my throat is sooooo painful, just had some water. Seen an out of hours GP yesterday and got 7 days of anti-biotics, I've also got an ear infection! Nice!

Anyhoo, I'm on the plan now and I'm excited for what the future holds.
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hope you feel better soon. good luck and keep us posted! x x
Aww! You poor thing...Did you try blending ice in your shake, it may help soothe a little. Well done anyway on your determination to start, despite being poorly, it would be easy to use that as an 'other day' excuse! (i think i would have done!) Good luck, hope you feel better soon. xx
aaaw poor you.... hope you are feeling better soon. It might be easier to make up your packs in half quantities ..... you might get them down better xxx
Well I guess if you are going to feel crap with tonsilitis you may as well double up with going into ketosis at the same time!! You sound very determined and havn't used being poorly to put off your start. Best wishes for getting through the illness and you will be cheered up by CD results.


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Hope you get better soon


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Aw, thanks everyone. I've had a fit of the shivers this morning, but onwards and upwards. Anti-biotics should kick in tomorrow (I hope!)

Just finishing off my 2nd shake now - banana. I don't particularly like banana flavoured things but wanted to try one as it gives me more choice. If it repeats on me for the rest of the day though I won't be getting anymore! LOL!

I am feeling quite determined and didn't see the point of putting it off. Just sat at the table with everyone else while they were eating their lunch (which looked and smelled divine) and was a bit jealous but knew that a) it would hurt like hell to get it down me b) I won't be looking fabulous by Christmas if I don't keep on track.
Well done for choosing to be a christmas cracker and not a christmas pudding!
Thanks. Feeling worse now. Glands are so swollen that my face is puffing out and I am squeaking instead of talking. DH has to take a day off tomorrow as there's no way I can look after myself let alone a 3 year old (who also isn't very well again so DH taking her to the Docs tomorrow - hopefully)
aaaw you poor wee fing.... I couldn't imagine being that ill and looking after a tot nevermind a sick one and starting the insanity that is week one ss. Get yourself well xx

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