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First Shake/Soup?

7am, 11am, 3pm, 7pm. Keeps it evenly spaced out during the day.


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12.30 p.m.
6.00-7.00 p.m.
9.00 -10.00 p.m


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Breakfast - 9.30am. Lunch - 2.00pm and dinner at 8.00pm. My CDC told me that I should try and stick to normal times, so when I introduce food it will be natural to go with similar times and not pick in between.
First at about 9, then about 2, then about 6 then my last at about 11. (I don't get home from work till nearly 11) x x


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depends on how im feeling as some days i just cant get the shakes in
on a good day 12, 4, 7 and on days like today 4.30, 8 and still havnt managed the last one


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5ish, 8pm, then 10pm....i dont know why, just like them at the end of the day! will have to change that soon though when i start working up the plans!
I split everything in two except my evening meal so I have 5 meals altogether! I have first breakfast at 8:30, then last of my breakfast at 10:30, then first lunch at 1, second lunch at 2:45 and evening meal at about 7. I have them at those times as they are my breaks at work :)
11 - 12 ish for the first one.
4 -5 ish for the second at work.
10 ish for the third.

I work odd shifts, so these are the 'normal' meal times for me.
I have my first between about 12 noon and 1pm, my second about 5pm and my last about 9pm. I can cope with the mornings but I get really hungry in the afternoons so I save them for then.


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Like Nicola, I tend to split mine;

8am ish brekkie
10-11 hot drink or half bar
12-1 lunch (sometimes full shake if I'm having savoury drink midafternoon)
3-4 shake or half bar
5-6 mousse!
9-10 hot drink before bed.

Sometimes in between I'll have water flavouring- savoury hot or cold with sparkling water or made into jelly or ice lolly.
I play around with these times depending on how I feel and if I'm a t work, but I always try to stick to half portions so I tend to have something left later on if I feel I need it :D
11ish, 2/3pm and 7ish. I found if I had my last one too late I couldn't get to sleep! Very bizarre as most seem to have their last one quite late, so I must just be a bit odd!!!! x


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seems the norm to wait til mid morning/noon for the first meal, i found it works for me. I tend to get hungry after the second shake so i stretch it out til eastenders lol then nibble a bar before bed. :innocent0002:


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9.30 Bar (and a black coffee - i wake up looking forward to it!)
1.30ish - Shake
(I'm SS+ so dinner about 7.30ish)
9.30ish - Mousse.

On the weekends I have a shake for breakfast so i can take my bar if I'm out shopping so i can have it with a coffee for lunch, and feel relatively normal!



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When on SS and at work I had tetra at 12.30, then soup or bar at 18.00 and shake at about 20.00.

Now on SS+ I have shake at 07.00 before work, tetra at 12.30, SS+ meal at 18.30ish and last shake about 20.00

Weekends are as and when depending on what I am doing, though I do prefer to start as late in the day as possible.
have my first pack about 1pm, 2nd about 6pm and last of the day between 9 and 10 pm although a lot of the time i have to force the last one down so usually make a hot choc

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