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Total Solution First time on food week break!

Discussion in 'Exante' started by snazzysazy, 17 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. snazzysazy

    snazzysazy Well-Known Member

    Hi next week is my first week on food break...bit scared because I've done so well so far! Ant help and advice will be gratefully received!
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  3. Loser85

    Loser85 Well-Known Member

    All i did on food week was add 100g protein to my carbonara and around the same weight of veg ie cauli. You might be best messaging Exante though, they have a facebook page where they answer questions etc.
  4. snazzysazy

    snazzysazy Well-Known Member

    Did u continue to loose though??
  5. fayfe

    fayfe Well-Known Member

    I know they recommend it but I think you'll find there's a few of us through personal choices choose not to do the AAM week - exante have recipes on the website so check them out they will probably help.
  6. Loser85

    Loser85 Well-Known Member

    I did keep losing weight yea but if you feel you dont want or need the food week then dont do it. Your choice.
  7. Mere

    Mere Well-Known Member

    I thought you had to do the food week to stop your body going into starvation mode and slowing your loss.:confused:
    Mere x
  8. Curioushelen83

    Curioushelen83 Well-Known Member

    I think it is a legal requirement in order for them to sell it online without a proof of a Doctors check, like lighter life for example do. On lighterlife you do no food breaks. I don't believe theres any logic but that, its all myths!

    I am doing a month on, then a month off, means its easier to fit round social events etc without feeling deprived. Hope you find a balance.
  9. Getslimquick

    Getslimquick Been liberated by Exante!

    You are right - the metabolism slows on VLCD. So adding a meal now and then helps. I never added a meal every day for a week just now and then for about eight months. Good weight loss, felt well and crucially lost weight. No hair loss either, strong nails, teeth fine and no aches and pains. I am a bit of a zealot ! Sorry. Slightly evangelical on occasions.

    It's worth upping the protein on add a meal week. Fish, lean skin free chicken, lean meat - nothing processed they pump full of carbs.

  10. snazzysazy

    snazzysazy Well-Known Member

    Ooh thank you I think I will add the food break but for 5 days just small meals...eg garlic prawns with salad leaves might just keep me on track!
  11. snazzysazy

    snazzysazy Well-Known Member

    Well day 1 ok been very virtuous ...kinda mad week ahead so if i dont have time to cooketc so what but watching every calorie and every carb
  12. snazzysazy

    snazzysazy Well-Known Member

    Stuck like glue to diet infact slightly under cals on food week....no loss at all so far!
  13. Curioushelen83

    Curioushelen83 Well-Known Member

    Hi there. Thats not too surprising, theres all sorts of hidden sugars and carbs in food, even in salad. My guess you'll have a big loss this next week :)
  14. Curioushelen83

    Curioushelen83 Well-Known Member

    Well done for sticking 100% :)
  15. snazzysazy

    snazzysazy Well-Known Member

    I really hope so...only had leafy salad...used to looking for carbs as hubby is diabetic ... Just hope its a huge loss next week.
  16. snazzysazy

    snazzysazy Well-Known Member

    Wow lost 4 llbs this week...ok i dudnt use my full 600 cals but had what i wanted til i was full!!! Had 2x gnt last night as we had guests but chose g rather than vino fir carb value...chuffed going 100% today and may have to entertain tomoz... But will avoid carbs knockibg me out of ketosis

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