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First time on WW

so im on my thired day, really getting in to it, surprised at all the fat i used to eat tho... when you think a couple of chiccie biccies are nouthing its loads of points.. well points that you could use having more of summit that a bit healthyier, Ive started doing the II active as well its the 30 day callage and im loving that feel good at the mo, im a "big" girl so im on like 30 points should stick to all 30 points? ive been having having bout 24/26 the last few days. If you have any tips please let me know, good nibble idears would ne nice to :)
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Hello and welcome and good luck!!

I like dark chocolate and ww crisps for nibbles and treats - both good value for points I find
Welcome to WW Madness - I would say first off that you should use up your points as not using them could result in no loss at all.

Curly Wurlys are 2.5pts if you fancy a nice treat.

2 squares of chocolate (approx 14gm) = 1.5pts
ive eaten loades today but ive only used 13 points... think ive been a bit scared of using to many points during the day as im working a night shift tonight, Ive eaten lots tho but alot of free foods.. i spose the longer i do it the easyier it will be to know how much i can eat a spread my points out wisely!


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welcome i am new too. and on day 4 on WW loving it. welcome and looking forward to sharing this journey with you x
Hi Caspa and welcome. I wish you all the best in your weight loss journey and I'm sure you'll find MiniMins full of helpful advice and support.:)
hi caspa and :welcome: to the forums and to WW! Just wanted to reiterate what others have said make sure you eat all of your points otherwise you may STS which I did last week because I did not eat them all!

Curlywurlys (2.5pts), Milkyways (1.5pts) and calippo's (1.0pt) are my treats of choice!

Sharkbait1983 x
Welcome and congrats on beginning WW. I’m sure you’ll do well. I’m on week 2 of WW and finding the longer I do this, the more I learn about spreading points thought the day and what foods give me the most band for my buck with the points.
Hey Caspa :welcome: I joined ww Monday just gone so I am on my fourth day :D so far so good... I have tried WW before and fallen at the first hurdle :eek: but this time it just seems to have all fitted into place.

1 thing I have found really usefull is the points calculator, really handy to have when doing the shopping I was working pts values out before putting it in the trolley and a few things didnt make it to the trolley :giggle: and like I had promised my DD a Mcdonalds and where I would have usually had a Quarter Pounder with Cheese Medium Meal with Fanta 19pts :wow: I opted for the Cheeseburger, Small Fries and Diet Coke for 9pts.

Really looking forward to Mondays weigh in :D lets hope it is a good one.

Good Luck XX
Thank you everyone for your kind words, Going to try really hard to have all my points... My weighins are on a Monday to but may have to juggel my meetings about a bit due to working long hours and diffrent days every week, I really hope ive lost weight, working nights alot at the mo not sure how to work my points out, do you think as i get to midnight they go on to the next day? not sure how i would do it for example i woke up at half 9 yesterday started as normal everything i ate went on my food diary till i left work at 8am this morn.. prob wont sleep till this eve should i do it from midnight in future?