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First time poster - need encouragement on day 8

Hi all

I'm on day 8 and just had my first weigh-in: lost just over 4lb. I'm not brilliantly impressed with that. I have stuck to it absolutely to the letter and even made my son's birthday cake without licking so much as a finger!

Plus I'm still really hungry which is odd. I thought the hunger would have dissipated by now but yesterday I was counting the minutes until my next shake. I feel ok which is the upside. I haven't had any headaches or weakness or whatever. But I would like to feel less hungry. The mediocre weight loss I can live with - I was expecting a bit more in the first week although I understand that a lot of that would be water weight. But the hunger is going to be a challenge.

Any thoughts?


Starting weight: 104.6
w2 102.6.
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Hi there Charlotte, have you been drinking enough water? That's my first reaction as 4lbs does seem very low, even on a calorie restricted diet you would expect that in week 1, however don't be disheartened, sometimes it takes the body longer to adjust to the new fat burning state, what did you pharmacists say?
Thanks for replying LW! I think I have been drinking enough but I confess I haven't been monitoring it carefully so maybe that is the problem. I don't drink much normally so perhaps I am struggling with that bit more than I realise. I have had about 1.5 litres today already so will try to get to 3 litres by tonight and then again the next day and so on!

My pharmacist, to be honest, is rubbish! They are very cavalier and this morning didn't even have my order (which I placed last Thursday)! I had to impress on them that this is literally all I'm eating and they need to be responsible enough to get the order in on time. Luckily they had a few spare sachets knocking around - enough to get me through until they can get their act together enough to get my order in! Grrr. Then I nearly got a parking ticket because the first 50p had already expired with all the faffing around with the pharmacy and I had the temerity to go back and feed the meter an extra £1 because it took so long to sort out! Camden Council don't make it easy!

So all in all not a good morning. But still. Off to get another glass of water! Thanks for taking the time to read all this....

S: 16st6lb C: 13st13.4lb G: 12st10lb BMI: 30.6 Loss: 2st6.6lb(15.04%)
And you got through all of that and didn't have a cream bun!!......my hat is off to you. Definitely up the water as for some weird scientific reason it really does make a difference, some people fill bottles in the morning and keep them in the fridge so they can keep track, I just plough away at them and try and stop about an hour before bedtime.

Was just thinking that most people have a big loss week 1 then a bit less on wk 2 and week 3 seems to be the lowest point, so maybe you'll just keep averaging around the 4lb mark which over time works out the same really


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Congratulations of your first weeks weight losss - sorry you are a bit disappointed but a loss is still a loss and 'every journey starts with the first step' and all that.

May I ask - had you been dieting previous to the Lipotrim? I only say this because another of the girls had a lowish start but whe had come straight in from another diet so the usual big adjustment didn't happen for her either.

Whatever the reason - you have made a good start and had a respectable loss. [Our frind lilac would tell you it's 24 sausages' and I'll tell you it's 81 Dairylea cheese triangles!'] Stick with it - I wouldn't be surprised if you have a better loss next week.

... and Lanarkwitch
- good to see you on here again - was thinking about you at the weekend and hoped all was well with you.

Keep at it girls - we'll all get there ! :girlpower:
Thanks for the encouragement Ted. No I hadn't been dieting beforehand - so I confess I feel a bit disappointed but am persevering. My mum lost stones with LighterLife so I know this approach does work and I'm trying to take the long view.

As I said, on the upside, I feel fine and I expected headaches at least so that's good. Am going to work on the water now - but the endless trips to the toilet are a bit of a bore!



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Hi Charlotte, welcome to the forum!
You'll get loads of support on here. Don't despair about the first week. Everyone's body is different!
Maybe you're close to your time of the month? That can cause you to retain fluid and this would show on the scales. As the lovely lassies above were suggesting MAKE SURE you're drinking AT LEAST 2 litres of water a day. I aim for 3 and 1/2 litres of I can.

S: 19st9lb
It could ne something simple, like a mouthwash you're using preventing you from getting into ketosis cos hunger should be kinda gone now, have you manky breath and furry tongue. Could even be lip balm, teeth whitener, etc?x
Thanks for reading Shivie. Sadly not TOTM either... prob got another two weeks to go for that.

I am hypothyroid, although it's well controlled and my thyroid levels are all fine at the moment, but perhaps that slows me down? Oh well - I shall keep going.

I'm really appreciating everyone's responses and having a good read through all the threads to see what people have achieved. There are some incredibly stories out there.

I realise, looking at some of them (Betsy for instance) that it would actually scare me to lose that much weight. I have been overweight for so long (and dealing with it) that I suppose I am accustomed to being this weight and it frightens me to think I could become someone else. Interesting huh! That's why I'm ok with carrying on for now - this whole process is throwing up some interesting things for me...

Sorry, Daisy, just missed that post. No - no breath-fresheners, gum, sweetener, toothwhitener. Literally nothing. I don't think my breath is too bad right now - will have to breathe on my children later and see what they say!

But if I'm not in ketosis, (hence breath still ok) I'm wondering why on earth not. Hmmm. Lipotrim God, are you there?

S: 19st9lb
I think you'll have a big loss next week to balance out, I know that can happen on ww its called a hangover week where you're body put on weight from the previous week but lost from this week so it balances out as a mediocre loss then you'll be blown away next week. My friend is waaay smaller than me and when she loses 7lbs its more noticeable than me losing 1st 7lbs! Worry not you're doing great x


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I think it will definately be the water!!! Another question also.... Have you been to the loo????



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I agree with Deezer - I think that it is the water as well.

Daisyhappy - has made me think about the lip gloss I tried today I could get a taste of it so I hope that I have not upset things.
Hi all

I think I may be making progress as I think I feel slightly less hungry today!

Also I had one of the "flapjacks" last week from my new batch from the pharmacy and while it was still horrible, it was a hell of a lot better than the ones I ate last week which were all 6 months out of date! Told you my pharmacist was rubbish!!!

Anyway, am now measuring the water as I go to make sure I get to target. Am going to aim for 3 litres today. Have already had 1 litre and it's not yet 10am so I should be ok.

As for the "ahem" toilet issue - haven't been much so that could be a contributor as well. Got some fibreclear yesterday so will start giving it a go.

Am feeling ok about the mediocre weightloss - I did up my belt on a tighter notch today. I think I can see more weight loss than 4 lbs so I guess next week's weigh-in will give the true picture.

Thanks for all the encouragement. I think we are all courageous for doing this - especially on a day like today when you look out of the window and it could be November!!



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I found the first and second week hard and was very hungry. I had no hunger whatsoever by week 3. The water is a definate winner in the hunger area and remember you can have black tea and coffee. I was told I could have green tea and i did so for the first week but i think that's waht made ne hungry as when I cut that out it subsided. Are you trying the flapjacks yet, I know they're not great but you can put them in the toaster for about 2 minutes and they are more pliable. I have to remind myself now to have my shakes, the hunger is conletely gone.
Charlotte Well done on 4lbs, as asda say every little helps, what you should do is weigh out 4lbs of stuff put it in a bag and feel how much that weighs !! its a lot !! your body could of been in shock last week, maybe this week try get a few walks in this will help increase your metabolism and may make you feel better and keep the hunger at bay !!

Good luck girl you can do it !! x

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