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First timer....first day!

Hi everyone!!!:)

Well, as the title says this is my first time on lipotrim and today is day 1....many more to come!

I've been pileing on the pounds lately as I was recently made unemployed and I know thats no excuse but I've just been sitting at home eating all around me, or going out with the girls for lunch after lunch, all followed by one or two white wines! :eek:

Im a tiny 4'8 in height and I weighed in today at a whopping 12stone 13lbs! Now I know for alot of people around the 13 stone mark isn't exactly huge, but at my height every pound counts, so I'm currently squeesed into my size 20's.......so as you can imagine, I'm as wide as I am tall!:(Not a good look!:(

I've been feeling pretty low since looseing my job and the weight gain has only made me feel a million times worse about myself, thats why I decided to do something about it now before I dont even recognise myself anymore......I used to weigh 7 stone and was a lovel size 8-10, perfect for my height, this is now my goal and after rumageing through my wardrobe earlier I found a pair of my old size 8 jeans, which haven't come near me for 2 long years, they are now my thinspiration!:D

It's only day 1 and I can't believe how difficult I'm finding it already......hunger pangs and the like, I've been so conscious of food smells all day! But honestly I can't emphasise how important this is for me to loose the weight, I feel like with every pound I've gained I've lost a part of myself and now I'm at a stage where I'm not the person I want to be, I'm so self-consious and self-aware and its oh so draining always worrying about how huge you look compared to everybody else!:cry:

But on a positive note, I've taken the first step today, it took me long enough to get here! :eek:

I'm so happy to have found this website as I desperatly came online looking for some kind of distraction or motivation....and thats exactly what I found. There seems to be such a positive, "can-do" atmosphere on here, so I'm really hopeing that with my determination and you're support I can see lipotrim through to the end!:D

Sorry for going on......and on and on!!!!!!:p

Hello to everyone, thankyou all for you're inspiration and here's to watching the pounds fall off......which I'm sure they will if I can do half as well as most of you on here!;)

Lots of love,

Emma! x

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Never give up
Good luck on your LT journey Emma - come here lots, it really really helps - everyone is so helpful and positive. :)
Thanks Waterworks!

I'm really starting to get excited about my lipotrim journey now.....but thats easy to say seeing as it's only day 1!:eek:

Omg, just reading your name..."waterworks".....is making me need to pee......again!!!!lol!:D

Hope my body get used to all this water soon so as I don't have to be within 2 minutes of the nearest toilet at all times!!

Hey Emma!
It's my Day 1 too :D but not my first time sadly!
I'm in Ireland too, what part are ya in?

By Thursday/Friday you'll be full of energy and confidence in yourself!!


Hi Daisyhappy!:)

Well done for taking the plunge and going back to lipotrim, I would imagine it's even more difficult to do it a second time so big pat on the back for you, and at least you know what to expect! Any advice or tips are would be much appreciated!:eek:

I'm from the fair city that is....Dublin!!! What about yourself?

I'm so happy I started lipotrim today but I just wis there was a fastforward button I could press.....this day has come in so slowely, I hope the rest of the week fly's by, can't wait for Mondays weigh-in....bring it on!!!:D

Oh i only wish it was my second time around!
Me and LT go back to 2008 when I lost 8stone but regained 6 back cos I went straight back to my old ways :(

It was mainly all my own fault, the best advise I can offer is to follow maintanance to the letter, this is the hardest part!
Also, don't ever cheat. I lost 8stone in 6months and went from a size 22 to a 10 and never cheated once,
on any other attempts I also cheated within 2 weeks and one cheat leads to 2 etc!

This time I aim to lost 3stone with LT then move over to Dukan Diet to retrain myself with food cos I'm eiher all good or all bad!!

I'm a Dub gal myself!!
Daisyhappy thats amazing that you lost 8 stone in 6 months, wow! Don't be disheartened this time around, this is my first time on lipotrim alright but sure I was on weightwatchers before....lost 3 and a half stone and then went and put on 5!!! So you're not alone with the regaining, it really is the hardest part if you ask me.....maintaining that is!

Im aiming to loose 6 stone on lipotrim which will take me to a healthy bmi of around 22 I think, the pharmacist is happy with that too, so here goes, and yea your absolutely right about trying not to cheat....I know if I cheated I'de end up bingeing so it's just not worth it at all!

Don't worry hun, one day at a time and we'll get there, also nice to know I have a buddy in Dublin!:)
Aw brilliant AND we're on the same day too!!
Here's to a great Day 2 tomorrow, get that water int'ya!

It really does work and maintanance is very good too but I was so delighted being a size 10 I just went on a rampage of nights out etc and it crept back on :(

We can and shall do it!!

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Emma, that's a very open and honest posting about your reasons for starting TFR. Well done for taking a big step in the right direction to a new you.
Keep very very busy during the first week or so. Do anything that keeps you away from food and eating until you are in ketosis. Do not be tempted to waiver. Each time you feel like giving up, just think about why you started.
My top tip is water, water and more water!!! It really really helps with the hunger, boredom etc of not eating. You will pee a lot initially but then your bladder gets used to it and it's no big deal anymore.
lots of luck
Thanks so much irish molly!:)

Yeah I'm really going to have to get myself up and out of the house over the next few days, I think I'm gonna start going for regular walks and I was looking at some part-time courses I could do just to fill up my time and up-skill while I'm out of work!

I have alot of decisions to make about my future and where I'm going but I'm so glad the first one I made was to start lipotrim! When I start to feel better about myself I know I'll start making better decisions for myself!:)

Well done to you on your fantastic weight loss, its so motivational for me!

I'm with you on the water tip....I've been fillin up all day....running from the tap to the toilet!lol!
Hi Emma and welcome to Minimins. Well done on your first day, it WILL get easier as the days go by, just hang on in there and you will soon be flying x
Thanks Cheryl!:)

Uh-oh just read what you said about quitting smoking! I'm a smoker myself, not very heavy just need at least one a day, I was going to try and quit today while strting lipotrim, but I just couldn't do it! I had a huge craveing earlier so I had one, maybe it's too much to start lipo and quit the fags at the same time, so I think I'll ease myself into doing both eventually!

But well done to you fo quitting, and you're fab weight-loss!:D

well done to you all for making the decision to start put all your past diets behind you and only look at where you want to be not where you have been good luck to you all x x x x
heya everyone, i only joined the forums tonight :) am so inspired by everyone :) ive been on the lipotrim before am going in for my weigh in tomorrow so nervous about having to give all food up but am also excited.. so heres to us only starting and to those already all their slimming journey...
Hello and welcome thunder thighs........funny I can totally relate to that name!!!!:D

Good for you making the decision to come back to lipotrim, I only started today and although it was a struggle I know it's gonna be so worth it when the pounds start melting off!:)

Best of luck at your weigh-in tomorrow, let us know how you get on! you know the ropes so don't be nervous, one day at a time and you'll defo get there.....we all will!

Thanks for your words of wisdom so so hopeful, I couldn't agree more.....look at where you want to be not where you were!:)

slim me thats exactly how you need to look at it you,ll always remember how you were but as the pounds fall away you,ll feel amazing.
good luck everyone x x x
Thanks for the support everyone!:)

Day 2 today and I'm feeling much more positive, was out shopping with a friend this morning and I was so tempted to get this gorgeous dress I found in a smaller size, but I just about resisted! I think I'm gonna see how I get on, as its only day 2 I don't want to get ahead of myself just yet!!

Maybe I could save a little each week and then splash out on something fabulous when I reach my goal!:D

Just can't wait to get there!I'm such an impatient person at the best of times.......one step at a time!:)

How did you get on at your weigh in size 10? Well done on haveing 3 weeks done, thats really great going!
Hi slim me and welcome. I am new to this forum too altho i am not starting lipotrim until i return from holiday next week. i am really excited and motivated to start and reading all the stories on this website has really put me in the right frame of mind to do it.

All the best with your weight loss journey!!

and yes, resist buying clothes now, save the cash and wait until you are at goal weight it will be so much better.

and by the way i am in ireland too, northern ireland however ... ballymena!!
Hi Scarlettcloud and welcome!:)

Well done for making the decision to start lipotrim, as you can see I'm only on day 2 but I'm really excited about it too, just can't wait to see the weight finally come off!

Have a fantastic holiday wherever you're going and you'll be ready to jump on the lipo bandwagon when you return!:D

Lovely seeing so many on here from Ireland!x

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