First timer joining up tonight.


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Hi all. I'll be signing up tonight, I've about a stone and a half to lose to feel comfy, two stone would be marvellous.

What sort of things can I eat and what's forbidden? I just need to go shopping this afternoon and I'm wondering what to get for dinner. I've a couple of tins of ww soup for lunches, and I had a couple of slices of ham earlier...

I just feel a bit lost and don't want to eat anything bad even though I've not signed up yet and I'm not strictly doing the plan till tomorrow..

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Best of luck!
you will get a folder tonight with all the information you will need!


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Nothing is actually forbidden as long as you work it into your points allowance !! isnt that great ?!

Good luck tonight and with your weight loss journey !!!

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If you make sure you have lots of fruit and veg, low cal drinks - the usual diet stuff and any WW products that you fancy then at least you will have something to eat.

The WW stuff is pretty good at the beginning till you get your head around the points - I would say that a calculator is a must or if you have an ipod touch or iphone there is an app on there that does it for you and is cheaper than the WW calculator (thanks Sandy, mine might just get an airing this week....)

Good luck xx