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first timer(virgin vlcd)

:confused: hi just though i`d write and tell you all that i have been reading all your threads(well not all because there is tons and tons). I wasn`t too sure if CD was for me and i was in two minds which way to turn, but well i have my appointment to see my CDC this evening and collect my first pack, fed up off aching knees and painful legs and getting no support from my doctor who in December told me i must have the fat gene! tut!, plus because i`ve no illness and i`m active he doesn`t think i`m high enough risk, but if i feel same after 6 months return to him and he`ll give me osilat(think thats how you spell it), but after reading up about them i don`t fancy having the side effects.
SOOOO!!!Decided to start at a weekend because i`m off work Sunday and if everything gets really bad i can hide in bed with my water.
So tonights the night i find out what all the late meals snacking and binge eating has really done to my weight:(.
Well i`ll nip back every now and again to tell you how i feel and keep reading all your treads to keep me going.

Bye x
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Keep posting for surrport ! you will get lots of help here . are you starting Saturday ? I am on day 3 now and had a slight headache well a dull ache last night and same today , but i'm doing 3 shakes plus adding 200kcal meal . Are you just doing SS ?


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keep yourself busy for first few days it helps keep your mind off food.Also the first 3 days can be a struggle but it is worth it nothing to bad tho hun dsont worry xxxx
Hi All
Just returned from CDC omg!! 21st 4lb.:cry::eek::eek:
I think i was in denial or just pretending for the last 5 yrs, not saying i was always right weight or should i say offical wieght for hight. 10st 7 when i was 18 to 22 then after 2nd child went to 15st when i got divorced in 2000 i was 22st when i met my now partner was 18stone, but guess i got in my comfy zone and weigh crept on, anyway thats in the past tomorrow morning i open a new chapter in my life and remember whilst i drink my first shake " i`m doing this for me and noone else"
my lovely cdc lady said i`ve to do this in stages i`ve to look at lowering my bmi to 40 from 47 which is around 18stone so thats my first goal 18stone.
so tomorrow is my first day, please god let it be a easy day at work just to get me through, might work from home so i don`t have to watch them eat bacon butties and cakes.
thanks for the support so far and heres to the first week on CD
bye x
Good luck on your Journey CazJane, and hope you have an easy day at work tomorrow to helo you through day 1. x x


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Good for you CazJane and dont forget to hope on here for all the support you will need.
can anyone tell me how to add my ticker?
and thankyou for your kind words


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Hi Cazjane, you need to add the ticker to your user profile in your signature, not paste it into your message as a link. I will try to find the step by step guide Pierce produced :)
thankyou DQ i think i done it right x
anyway day 1, not slept well at all kept dreaming i`d cheated before i`d even started, stupid mind playing tricks. has you can see i`m a early bird don`t usually get up with Mr Cj usual have another hour but i think i kinda excited. Anyway Mr Cj made me cuppa black coffee hummm kinda ok but i was a milk freak before so will take a while.going to have shower before my shake and do all my measurements. MrCj going to do the before pics tonight when cam recharged, so i`m prepered i think, no i am i have to keep saying i am.
catch ya all later when i have a min
bye x
Day 1
when ok for me till teatime when i had veg soup(cd packet not a tin).
there was me in the morning mixing a banana shake which was lovely then had choc and mint in afternoon, so was looking farward to my soup oh my word what can i say lol but i ate it with a pint or water to wash it down and then a good brush of my teeth. when bed around 8ish with my bottle of water and so work to do.
today is day 2 and i`ve got a slight headache nothing major just had black tea and a toffee and walnut shake headache kinda going now, maybe i just needed a caffine hit!! anyway one must go work,to office and then well im planning on ironing this afternoon but i`m also on call so will see what today brings
byeee x


Strong women stay slim
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Hi Cazjane
Its like a dull ache , think should last say 2 days . Just keep drinking water .
Its day 5 for me today , yesterday was trying for me but i got over it . Rollercoaster ride we are riding ! On bad days i'll just look at photos of me thinking thats why i'm on the ride !


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Congratulations on getting through day 1.

Think small steps your first big target is, I see, BMI 40. Even think in 7 lbs as mini mini targets

Take the diet a day at a time and on a hard and difficult day an hour at a time

drink plenty of water but not too much

and keep coming on here and look at the inspirational Slide Show it will definately motivate you

Irene xx
:Doh i just had spicy tomatoe mmmmm now this i can drink/eat (do it in a jug eat it with a spoon makes me feel normal) i had it instead of a shake cause wasn`t to sure what to expect after the veg soup experiance.

Anyway its lovely just made shep pie for there tea though i`d do it now cause evenings is my usual picky time and i would be tempted to test mash or mince but nothing past my lips which im very proud of.

Also just had a cup of peppermint organic tea very nice more nicer once its cooled down a bit.

Had to give in to the headache tabs this afternoon, son here with his mates playing on playstation, so house full of 15/16yr old isn`t good.

Also got some ketostik whilst i was out bit confuzzed which is the good pink and which is the bad pink or is any pink good pink:confused:????


Strong women stay slim
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Hi Cazjane
I know the feeling of having the mates round , my son whos almost 14 had his two mates round to sleep friday night , they wanted to go on the xbox360 and play pc and watch films , why do they call it a sleep over ? they never sleep lol
With headache Tabs i always find they never seem to help much being on this CD .Ketostik sticks yes i know what your saying very confusing reading the tube , i have loads left don't really use them , as i keep forgeting in the morning , well first thing is to rush to the loo in the morning lol
How is it going anyway ?
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Hi Cazjane

Welcome to CD and well done on getting through your first couple of days!! Before you know it CD will have become a way of life! Re Ketostix aim for one of the first two shades, if its dark it can mean you are a little dehydrated, it will usually be dark in the mornings when you haven't been drinking for a while.

Hi you lot x

I struggled last night round about 7pm all i wanted was beans on toast:eat:, was a bit weepy:cry: and wondered " why I was doing this to myself but told myself this is my last option".So when upstairs with bottle of water till others had finished there meal and came back down, feeling past about a hour later.

But after that everything was fine had my butterscotch shake watched telly for a bit and when bed. But must say when I was walking around I felt a little wierd hummm kinda drunk feeling, maybe thats normal I don`t know.
Anyway today is day 3. Had butterscotch shake again not on perpose but just 1ST one out of box already 1/2 way down a 1.5 lt of water. MrCj can`t get over how many times i get up in night for a wee, thinking of getting a bucket cause bathroom downstairs lol.

Just made full cooked breckie for them so thats it till later for cooking, going to get him to take me out shopping when he`s washed pots get a smaller size top so I can shrink into it.:brainfart:Dont know if thats a good idea or not lol
be back later
day 3
wee`d on ketone stick and its the 2nd pink does that mean i`m in the `K` club now or is it to early?

Also just been tesco they got 70% sale on clothes so if anyone wants to buy some clothes that not going to cost the earth, speically if your going to srink fast.
day 3
Well just been out for couple of hours with friends who own local pub,drank water even thou they have all been trying there best to make me drink cider, telling me one drink wouldnt matter, just been saying to MrCj it might not matter but it matters to me(even thou I know I can`t drink) anyway home had choc orange shake, and going to finish my course work before going bed.

see you all morrow xxxx
p.s just got MrCj to take my starting pics but not ready to post them just yet.... but i will XXXX


Strong women stay slim
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Hi CazJane
Well done you ! Yes tesco sale i got my daughter some clothes in Tesco's in the sale she loved them Fifi and dora . So day 4 for you today , are getting there , i'm on day 6 get my weigh in tuesday night , so can't wait . Have another good day today !

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