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First week and don't seem to be losing weight...


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Morning everyone,
Just need a bit of support really, I feel very dejected this morning. I have been following my calorie controlled diet for 5 days now and I have only lost 3lbs. I weighed myself this morning and I have actually gained 1lb. I weigh everything I eat and am definitely sticking to 1000 calories. Granted I don't go the the gym, because I have two children under 3, but I do go on the Wii and am active doing household chores etc. Maybe I am impatient but it is so frustrating! :sigh:

Anyway, sorry for the moan.
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indeed....its really hard but weigh once a week at the same time every week.....3lb is a big loss..keep your chin up :D


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Hello I could have written your post I am five days in and three pounds down. I have to be honest I was hoping for more is that greedy ? I am watching the carbs not cals I think that's the way to do it p


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Hey, it's still a 3lb loss though isnt it? Everyone losses vary so keep it up. :)


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I think anyone counting cals on this would pass out lol I had lasagne last night with full fat cheese, beef and double cream from the recipe on here - omg it was amazing


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Barm cake
what did you use as the lasagne sheets
yes Aubergine and courgettes, to be honest the courgettes were better, I added a tiny bit of passata as it was incredibly dry. Next time I would fry the aubergine first in a little oil and slice it more thinly. It is basically a moussaka without the lamb so next time I will have lamb and give that a whirl, am looking forward to trying the lamb pasanda

I think I am over carbing it possibly and (sorry if tmi) not going to the loo very much and not drinking enough water. I have got my scales out for my carbs, I havent been counting the Splenda in my tea as carbs either or the Soya milk and I havent been exercising much so I think I know the problem now.

I am struggling to open the induction food list from the Atkins website as I was going to sellotape it to the inside of my food cupboard can anyone tell me if there is a definative list around anywhere in Word or Excel

Many thanks


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You need to drink loads and loads of water to flush it all out hun.

Have a look at the stickies for a list of foods


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Sorry hun i dont know about a list but you must count the milk and splenda. Im not sure about soya but i know normal milk is very carby. How much water are you drinking? You might want to read my thread on this as its showed me im not drinking enough
I know :( its ironic really, I did Atkins in 2004 and ever since I have always drank at least 2 litres a day this was a good habit that stayed with me for 6 years but now I am actually doing it again I aint drinking enough ! crazy. I keep a crate of bottled sparkling water in the boot of my car, small bottles in the fridge and large bottles too so its on hand wherever I am, I just need a kick up the bum really :) I think even if I can keep a list of foods I have eaten and limit myself to 3 cuppas a day that would help.

Does everyone else have diet cokes/diet drinks ? I love Diet coke and I used to drink the decaff stuff but I prefer the caffeine one nowwadays would this make any difference I usually have 2 or 3 a day (cans) the silver one contains aspartame and the gold decaff one doesnt


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I sometimes have a diet coke, espesh if i've got a sweet craving. It really helps. But I know it can stall some people and I got a bit addicted at one point :eek: so I try not to drink it now :)
Yes I must admit I do like my diet coke, I might just limit it to one a day in the evenings as a treat, it says it has 0 carbs in.

I cant believe I havent craved all sorts of rubbish this week, just put some mini eggs in a bowl for my daughter without a second glance. My blood sugar is usually insanely up and down and I use to binge so much in the evenings if I didnt eat by about 9am the following morning I would feel sick. Now I get up and have boiled eggs or bacon and eggs after the school run, I dont feel sick, I dont nearly cry because I dont have bread or cakes, I even refused cream cakes yesterday, not really bothered. Truly amazing for me.

On a different note, aside from the water any tips on shifting things along ahem in that department....


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I dont drink any fizzy unless its a terrible craving (only had one). It contains aspartamine or citric acid, both can stall.

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