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First week and no weight loss

Just got back from my first weigh in at class and I stayed the same!


I have stuck to the diet by the letter and have exercised and drunk loads of water.

I have had mostly green days and one red day. Not too many syns, the most on one day was 13.5 but on most days between 0 and 8.

I don't know what I can do better? :cry:
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Try to use all your syns every day, as this helps your weight loss, and don't worry about staying the same, some people's body go into "shock", but they lose well the second week.
hi, just few ideas?

have you had alot of "heavy" food today, ie carbs
have been going to the loo?
is it the totm?
Hi, no hadn't eaten more than a small egg mayo roll at lunchtime and a couple of bananas and an apple. Didn't want to have my evening meal before weigh in.

Not totm.

Been going to the loo a lot! More than usual infact, green days have that effect on me! :)


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Have you been eating lots of free food? Are you eating enough? Some people get on better by eating little and often. Don't worry, see what next week brings. And start a food diary on here, then we can all have a nose and come up with some suggestions if it happens again. Good luck x
The last time I joined the exact same thing happened to me! I then lost 3lbs the next week.

Do make sure you have your syns. I joined couple weeks ago, lost 1lb the first week (was hoping for more) I hardly had any syns. This week I enjoyed my full allowance and lost 2.5. There were a couple other people with low/no loss and they'd also not had their syns. It seems bonkers, but it can be you're not having enough!

Good luck for next week, you'll be great!

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I've also noticed that you mention a couple of bananas. Grapes and bananas can make some people's weight loss slow down...do you eat a lot of them??

As the others have said Huni, dont be too upset, you should see a good loss next week.

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