First Week & Anxious


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Hi Guys,

I've been reading the boards & following some blogs for awhile & have decided to embark on my VLCD. I'm using Optifast, which I believe was previously called Medifast. After a bit of research I believe this appears to be a similar formula to the Cambridge Diet. I purchased over the counter at a chemist and I have spoken to a couple of doctors but none seemed to know much about VLCD's, so I'm doing it alone with the help of the website support. I'm hoping to become fairly active here as time goes on.

Ok now I started the VLCD intensive phase 4 days ago. I've been very strict, 2 shakes & 1 bar per day. Loads of water. I've also been exercising - I ditched my car & started walking a km to the bus stop, and have been doing squats/push-ups, 5km on the bike each day. Generally feeling fine, quite energetic & positive, I did get a headache yesterday but drank some more water and it disappeared quickly.

My issue today is this. I jumped on the scales. I know I shouldn't weigh in till the end of the week, but I did. I'm kinda surprised & disillusioned to see that I haven't lost even a gram. So so disappointed :(

I suppose I'm looking for some encouragement really. I'm not looking to drop a few quick kilo's in a week & ditch the diet. I really would like to continue for the full 16 week course and I think it's possible, but I don't know, suppose I just needed to see some results. I'm sure you've all been there :eek:

Anyway, that's my hello. It's nice to meet you & I look forward to posting more in future.

Hi Katie
Don't know about this diet - but on CD you shouldn't have bars in the first 3weeks. Not sure if that would make any difference to your weight loss. Do you go into ketosis with this diet?
Our bodies are all different and we all lose differently. I've had clients who have lost 1 st and 1st 3lb in their first weeks .... but they are the exception! However most of your first weeks loss is glycogen, which can weigh up to half a stone in some people.
Drink plenty of water and if you are on a VLCD your body will lose the weight. Hope you have a big loss when you do go back and are weighed properly.
Hi, I would say, drop the exercise for the first few weeks and take it a bit easier, your body needs to get used to the very low calories and if the diet is the same as Cambridge , you really dont have the calories to spare for exercise, your body will rebel and weight loss will slow down.
Drink lots of water at least 3/4 ltrs a day, slowly through out the day.

and then just wait for the lbs to fall off, a little walking or swimming will do for now but dont over do it.

keep posting you will get lots of support on here and hopefully good advice.