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first week at cambridge diet!

Hi i am new at this and am new at the diet. can anyone give me any tips on how not to get so sleepy all i do is sleep. i want to excercise but im just too tired
I started the cambridge last friday and have lost 8lb already cant help it i just have to weigh myself.

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Hi i am new at this and am new at the diet. can anyone give me any tips on how not to get so sleepy all i do is sleep. i want to excercise but im just too tired
I started the cambridge last friday and have lost 8lb already cant help it i just have to weigh myself.

Helloooo and WELCOME Yummy Mummy to Minimins :D

this site is really great and you'll get loads of inspiration to keep you going....

I don't think you're really supposed to do any exercise which is TOO strenuous while on a VLCD....just walking / swimming ...that kindof stuff.....could be you're tired cos your body is adjusting....hopefully that'll sort itself out and you'll be feelin' FAB !!

Make sure you drink loads of water....and have ALL your packs....you'll be fine.....

look forward to sharing your successes with you....

Good luck !


Hi yummy mummy, In the first week or two I was shattered. In the end the tiredness was making me grumpy, so I decide to give in to it and go to bed when I could and go to bed much earlier too. I couldnt have exerceised in the first fortnight if someone had paid me!! Too knackered. I think the only answer is go with what your bodies telling you and it wont be long and you'll feel fine. Must admit I'm on week seven now and I sleep like a baby at night, used to be a dreadful sleeper)

thanks, i try to have all of my packs but some of them dont taste too good o i end up throwing them away. i try and drink alot of water but i feel like my body is drowning!! ive got my first proper weigh in on thursday so i hope its more than the 8lbs onmy scales. Speak soon x x


Longing 2 b a yummy mummy
Hi Yummy Mummy,

Hey that is one of my goals...to become a yummy mummy!!!! Like Nikki says, listen to your body and if you can go to bed early do... as for the exercise I tried to go for a long walk and that killed me.. didn't have the energy to walk back so hubby had to pick me up!! take it easy, you will do fine...

i thought it was just me being so sleepy, i go to bed as soon as my baby does 7pm but i thought id try and stay up tonight. have you been doing ss for the whole 7weeks?
well not a yummy mummy yet but soon will be if i can keep it up. i just cant seem to do anything even the hoovering and i colapse on the sofa. ive never been like this but if the weight will drop off this eas i can keep it up
Hi,YM I did ss for 4 weeks then aam on the fifth week and loved it so have stuck with that. The losses seem to be the same. Mind you its not really Add A Meal, more like Add A Mouthful,

Nikki that really made me laugh your hubby coming to get you after your walk, I bought a bike and convinced my hubby that I could ride it home from halfords(about a mile)forgot it was uphill andhe had to come and get me and throw it in the back of the car(Wasnt too happy with me!)

Dont worry I'm often in bed now before nine but I get up feeling so good for it,

i dont think my husband could pick me up ha ha ha ha. idont know if i can last 4weeks with NO FOOD i keep wanting things haribo is my worst craving! it dont help when my husband eats in front of me!!! my friend who is also on cambridge chews food and spits it out then drinks a glass of water so she has the taste of the food in her mouth and is full up from the water


Longing 2 b a yummy mummy
Well my hubby gave us a lift, I wish he cud pick me up!! no he just came and got me and George (12 months next Monday!!) I am the same, my husband is very supportive but still has to eat, such a shame it smells so nice..!
Dont think about how long you wont be having food for, I used to literally take it hour by hour.I have no willpower,zilch in fact, so if I can do it anyone can! You'll be fine hour by hour,day by day and you'll get there. When things got bad I used to have a long soak in the bath(I know its boring but it worked)and have little treats every time I weighed in and lost(Not food related I hasten to add) I found some coconut bath oil and some coconut body lotion that I loved the smell of(possibly something to do with the fact I love Bounties!!)and using that used to help,I noticed that I'm heavily into nice smells at the moment,

Hi shrm and welcome, if you feel dizzy drink water its really weird but it works. ive been doing this for 5days nowand haventfelt dizzy once. ive had a reallybad headachebut drank a glass of water and i was fine. good luck x x x

its not unsually to feel dizzy or have headaches in the first couple of weeks. I was sick my first week but now I'm onto my second week and I haven't had a dizzy spell or many headaches. Your body takes its time to get accustomed to the VLCD and these are withdrawal syptoms from carbs etc. As its been said before, drink loads of water and if it doesn't subside take some parecetomol. That helped me last week.


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