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First week blues

Hi everyone, I am on day 5 and it has been an amazing effort, but i have to say I am very proud of myself. I am supplementing with National Cosmetic Centre Phentermine from a doctor, so it has helped but I am still obsessing on food. I actually survived making a Sunday dinner for my father in law, stressy as it is to be around outlaws, haha, and merely lost some sleep as I drank about a gallon of coffee so I did not get to dreamland until around five am! The tablets did not do this to me before, it was definitely the coffee, so my bad.
I switched to decaf today and save the caffeine fixes for my walks into town for fresh air and lusty window shopping.
I just weeded out the closet and drawers and threw away the baggy everything. So, as I shrink, the tumble dryer will accomodate me in my jeans and soo I will shed the stretchy pants forever!
We are trying to plan a summer holiday, out first without kids ever, and are thinking about the beach. I used to look great in a bikini, but noticed my abdomen and hips are full of stretch marks from this awful weight gain!
(I started University at 40, and the lack of activity did me in as I munched my way through my studies and the stress of it all! ) I also was diagnosed with a decreasing sight condition which kept me indoors and on the couch watching tv instead of going for walks and stuff.
Anyway, we all have a reason for getting heavy, and I am finding not eating a challange sometimes because not that I am so hungry but just always think about food. If I am going for a walk, I think about which coffee shop to stop at, and where to pick up dinner ingredients on the way back. wierd, just a habit I guess.
What else is there to do?
Any suggestions on the low energy and how to keep your mind free from food?
Also, exercise, my knees hurt tremendously as I never weighed this much before - should I hold off on the exercise until I drop enough to carry myself without pain?
I started at 15.7 - thats a shocking 217 pounds! I was numb! I never had cellulite or belly fat before above the jeans waistline but now it caught up to me so fast - could also be turning 40 but I hope not. Living in England reduces your activity immediately I found, after being on the beach my entire life in sunny south Florida or lovely Australia. (Moved here to marry).
Anyone in Liverpool that would like to go walking?
Write to me please!
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Hi Trish and welcome.Once this week is over and done with you will start to feel much better. I think it takes a few weeks to settle down. I hope you get over your blues soon and maybe get out and about to blow those cobwebs of winter away. If you feel ok then exercise is ok, but just take it easy and listen to your body. There are plenty of people a lot heavier than you who go to the same gym as me , so I think its down to how confident you feel. Good luck :D


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Hi Trish and welcome!

I would hold off on the exercise for the first week or two if I were you. Or at least don't do too much. I found that I ran out of steam very quickly - still do actually (just starting week 4).

Keep your mind occupied by coming on here - play games in the arcade - go and see if there's anyone in the chatroom ... clean out some cupboards ;) .. Anything to take your mind off food. I'm lucky in that I'm used to meditating and therefore used to pushing away unwanted thoughts and ignoring them.

I live over the water from you in Wirral - you're welcome to come over and come down to the beach with me and the dog! :):) and/or I could lead you through a guided meditation that you could use to occupy your mind ..... just a thought.

In fact - there's lots of Liverpool lasses on here - I have run meditation groups in the past - we could form one!! :):)

Keep up the good work! xx


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Hey chick and welcome to LT... Good luck on your journey!!


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Hi and welcome! I am on day 6 on my 2nd stint on LT. So I feel your pain! But it does get easier. Just as the others have said ..... stay busy. I find the lack of energy hard. But I just keep taking plenty of rests and I am fine. Doing housework today, any time I felt really tired or weak....I just sat and drank my water for 5 or 10 mins and then got back to it again. I find if I just accept that is how it will be for a while and keep going.

But it does get easier.
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Im on day three ! they say the first week is the hardest !
S: 16st11lb C: 16st4.5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 38 Loss: 0st6.5lb(2.77%)
Hi all,I'm on day 3 part 2 did the diet Afew years ago and the results was amazing...keep going hunny it will be well worth :) after the first week it becomes a lot Easyer and you have much more energy thanks to ketones xx

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