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First Week Done!


Here we go again!
Well that's my first week done and dusted and it was good. Not tempted to eat at all, which is great. Went to the gym twice and one badminton club night for 2 hours and felt great afterwards. Also done loads more walking this week which I think helps to get toned up. Made hubby take the car to work with him so I have to walk back from work.

Hope everybody's had a good week too and I really can't wait for the following weeks.
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I have also just finished my first week. I'm not feeling as hungry as i was but i really miss food, eating is one of my favorite things so even though my body is craving it as much my mind still does. still, just thinking of the weight loss gets me through.


Here we go again!
I agree, eating was one of my favourite things too and that's what's got me into this mess! I still miss eating, the social side of it, but know that not having any for a couple of months will be so beneficial.

Just remember - The food you want will still be there when you finish, only in moderation. This statement got me through this last time and I will be thinking of it a lot this time too. Good luck with your journey.


Back on the diet train...
well done hun, i got through wk 1 ok, dnt feel hungry but like u sed its the social side of eatin that i miss. weigh in 2mo so will see how ive done.



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well done you should join in the may challange it really heled me last month ive my weight in tomorrow here hopping :)


Here we go again!
I personally think 3 litres a day is OK but it wouldn't hurt to try and up the water intake a little. Just try and see how you get on. Last time on this I was up around the 3-4 litres a day and the weight loss was consistent and good. Good luck.


Here we go again!
Thanks Iris. I find this part of the diet easy (sorry) it's the maintaining part I found difficult. More determined this time with the maintaining and know where I went wrong last time so will be working hard on that part. Thanks for the encouragement as always, very much appreciated.
Well done Bev, great loss, good to see you around :):) I started back on Monday x


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Hello again my lovely!

Well done fr getting through first week! I've just done mine too!

Hope your feeling ok!



Here we go again!
Thanks NMIreland. I remember you from last time. Good luck with restarting.

Hi Lauren. You've had a busy time of it since you were last on LT. Married, baby blimey! Hope you're well, we'll do this together again like last time. Got to work on the maintenance and hopefully I will be sorted this time.

Good luck and great to hear from you again.
Hi Bev!

Well done on your first week, what an excellent loss!! Is it harder doing lt the second time around? I keep telling myself that the tfr is the easy part and the really work starts at re-feed and I already have lots of low fat, low carb recipes on the go and I'm test driving them on h2b.
On the question of water, is it safe to drink 4l? I always thought it would be and I believed that if you drank 4l your weight loss would be a bit bigger as you'd flush out your system and you wouldn't be retaining any fluid but when I said this to my pharmacist he told me that its dangerous because you are drowning the electrolytes in your brain and flushing all the minerals from your body. I've always been afraid to drink over 2l a day. Can you or any of the others maybe clarify this because there is a lot of conflicting info out there.
Keep up ur excellent work too!!


Here we go again!
Hi Mrsd2b. Last time on this I built up my water intake to about 4lts a day and had consistent losses each week. Everyone seems to vary opinions on this subject but I think it's what you feel comfortable with. I'm on at least 3lts a day now and hoping to increase.

The pharmacist is right when he said about flushing away all the minerals though, but I thought that it took a lot more water to do that than 4lts. Oh, well who knows!

You've been doing brilliantly, how long have you got til refeed? Can't be long can it? Good luck and well done for up to now. Keep up the good work.
On other VLCDs they recommend 2-4 litres. 4 litres should really be the maximum you drink IMO.

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