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First Week Fears

S: 19st9lb
Oh trust me i know the feeling, every single weigh in i always say "eerm i don't feel like i've lost this week!" and always dread actually putting weight on, i also worry that they made a mistake when they tell me i've lost weight!!
I think it's my mindset, like i can't actually believe this is happening as i've spent so long overweight.
You sound like you're doing really well. Try for your own sake to steer clear from trying things on to see have they gotten big, i did this at the start and as encouraging as it can be, it can be equally dis-heartning.

You're doing great and I'm sooooo glad you're not finding it too bad!
Go you!

Oh yes, we have all had that feeling and we all still get it now.

The first week, I thought that I had not lost anything but everyone told me that I had. It turned out I lost huge and you get greedy for the feeling.

The feeling the evening before the weigh in is the worst and best at the same time as you are worried that you have not lost any weight but anticipate also just how much you have AND TRUST ME, if you stick to it, you will have lost weight.

So remember, you are not alone with these feelings and always remember .......
S: 19st9lb
Oh that sound exactly like me!! When in WW i told nobody so it was "fine" when i left cos i didn't have to explain myself to anyone! With this i put all my cards on the table, told everyone around me, explained all the benefits so i couldn't say "oh it's not healthy" if i decided to come off it.
You sound like you're so in the right mindset for this, you'll do really well hun!
Hahaha yep i know what you mean about buting identicle stuff, my floor is covered in black Evans trousers for work at the mo! Can't wait to vary my wardrobe!!

Good idea not having any scales in the house, the temptation can be too much and the results can set up your mood for the day.

Also, remember you are drinking a lot more water than normal and this might result in your clothes feeling a bit snug, but if you are sticking to the diet, then there is no possible reason that you won't lose the weight, just hang on in there and you will be rewarded on your weigh in xxx


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I should throw my scales out. I've weighed myself three times today. Its becoming an obsession. The thing is it fluctuates if you've been to the loo or if you've just drank 2 pints of water.

I keep telling myself not to do it, but I can't help it.


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G: 68kg
if the thing with bad breath is worrying you you can either get a small bottle of listerine and keep it in your bag for emergencies or like me, just get some listerine strips ..they disolve on the tongue and really 'blow your head off'!!!

h x
All your feelings are just normal, but as everyone has said, you will deffo have lost come your weigh in, we all know that deep down but its just human instinct to ponder and worry! We all want this so badly, our mind starts to race and make up silly senarios! Cant wait to hear how you've done on Fri - thats my weigh in day as well.

As for clothes being snug, I agree that its prob to do with the water, but also remember its day 4!! I never really noticed a big difference until one month in!! We are all different tho.

I wish I had your will power over the scales! Am on mine morning noon and night, worst thing is they aint budged all bloody week - prob my cheat on sat night!! My own fault, I so wanted to be 12st exact for fri so need to lsoe 2.5lbs.... My battery in my scales are deffo getting low as I have to go on and off a few times before I get a reading, I swear am not buying a battery til am at target once it finally bites the dust!!!

Keep going, your doing fab.
Before I started Lipotrim, I was totally convinced I would never, ever lose weight on it, that, of course, was providing I could actually stick to the damn diet. I have lost weight and I am continuing to confound myself, although my best friend was convinced I'd do well on it.

So when you go to the pharmacy on Friday, SD, you WILL have lost weight. It might only be water for the first week, but you will lose. As you said, taking in only 500 calories a day, you just cannot not lose. I look forward to seeing your first weigh-in results. After that, you will lose fat. All that stuff you've been carrying around will disappear forever.

BTW, I was one of those people with several identical items of clothing: six tops from Bon Marche for work; expensive M&S jeans because I knew they would fit without trying on. Today I bought two more pairs of jeans and a top from Tesco. The jeans are size 16 and were £7 each. They might not fit me now but I KNOW they will fit in a couple of weeks.

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