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First week gripes

I started lipotrim last Friday with the intention of losing some weight before I go on hols on 4th Sept. :)

I also have a cousin's wedding at the end of October that I'd like to fit into a 10-12 for again, but I also want to get pregnant again in the next few months (fingers crossed for #2), so keeping the weight off might be impossible. I suppose slimming down before I get pregnant will mean I have less to lose when the baby is born.

I haven't found this week too hard but;
:confused: Even now I feel really wobbly on my legs at times, although the headaches have stopped. Has anyone else felt this way? Like you might pass out?
:( I miss the social aspect of eating, even just with my son and hubby. I do most of the cooking which is just torturous. And then my wee rascal won't eat his dinner for his daddy so I have to sit and watch them. I would ask my hubs to cook, but he already does most of the housework, isn't the best cook anyway and has had to look after the baby more this week due to me feeling so wobbly.
:eek: I'm embarrassed by having to use the blender at work. Our kitchen area is in the room with all my colleagues, so I do end up feeling like a tit, especially as I can feel them all pitying me.
:yuk:The smell of the shakes and soups kills me. Not the strawberry smell etc, but the starchy-floury smell under that??
:sigh: I am dying to eat something FRESH. Not from a packet. All dried and processed. Not that I was one for fresh food in the past, lol.
:eek: I'm totally struggling with drinking sooooo muuuucccchhhh waaaatttterr. I hate it.

V long post. Sorry.
And sorry if it all sounds so negative!! On the plus side, I can see the weight coming off on the scales and on my arse.
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I completely understand how you feel. I have an 11 month old and a four year old and cooking for them is so hard. My husband can't/won't cook so all the cooking is left to me... They all had a French baguette for lunch last weekend and cutting that up was torture.
I still struggle most days with this diet but I do think the results are worth it....I want to do another month and then lose the last half stone or so on a different plan so as to get me into the healthy eating mindset.

Please don't do the same as me in your 2nd pregnancy. I started off about 3 stone lighter than first time round and thought I ate much better than first time round too. Got on the scales a week after my daughter was born and I was the same weight as after I had my first and faced the prospect again of losing 5 stone! Argh!
It really, honestly does get better. Just try to stick at it.

I'm about a week further down the road than you and it's only the past few days I've felt like jumping out the window when cooking or being around my LSH eating.

As for the other things, have you tried using a shaker at work rather than a blender? A bit more discreet. The starchy smell (and taste) was my biggest problem to start with, I barely notice it now and drinking, well, have you tried keeping a bottle with a sports cap around at all times and just sipping away? I find I get through tons opf water that way!
totally understand addicted... is the benefit outweighing the negatives though... surely seeing the weight fly off is a big buzz.. and that buzz just gets better as you get further in and better results...
Yes, seeing the weight come off is a big bonus, but knowing that I'll not lose as quickly this week isn't good.

I can't use the shaker because it never gets rid of the lumps completely and it makes me gag then. On the plus side, I'm REALLY enjoying the shakes at home these days because I've started making them in the smoothie maker (previously i was using an electric hand whisk at home and a hand blender in work) and putting in loads of ice with it too. Tastes like mcdonalds milkshakes (which i lived on 24/7 when i was pregnant).

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