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first week is hardest... will i cope?

hello, i am about to start ll this week wed will be day 1, i will all let you know how i get on and then make my ticker on here... but i am worried because i have work on thurs from 8.30 til 12.30 on day 2, how did you all cope with your first days and first week, think i may have to take annual leave.. what do you all think??:eek:
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To be honest I found the first week a breeze. The only thing that was different was going to the loo more because of all the water! I'm sure you'll be fine. I work out and about and have some days int he office. In the first week I had a trip to london and Glasgow and managed to stick to the plan. I didn't feel tired, in fact, I probably had more energy.
You'll quickly learn that LL is all about planning and so long as you have your packs and bars at hand the world is your oyster!
Good luck, you'll be fine- trust me xx
I'm on day 7 today and haven't found it difficult, had no side effects either. Like RR says as long as there is a toilet for you to use as you'll be going loads, you won't need to take annual leave. It will help pass the time for you too, I have been wishing the days away for past week as I wanted to get past first weigh in.


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Everyone is different. You will speak to people who sailed through it, and those like me, who thought it was one of the most horrible weeks ever. But you will get through it. Personally, I think you should go to work and see how you go. I think I suffered so badly because I am, oh sorry, WAS a self confessed sugar addict and I was going COLD TURKEY!!!

One of the ladies in my class was on shifts her first week and she says she sailed it. She was more tired than usual, but that only helped her to sleep better between shifts!!!

B x

PS: I'm a Wednesday girl too!!
I agree - I cannot see the need to take the first day off - actually, will probably help being occupied. Generally, it seems days 3 and 4 are the days most get headachy and the like.

Give it a go - see how you get on! Its only 4 hours - I reckon you will be fine.

As said - week one can be so different from the other - week one was as easy as week 39. It's really got a lot to do with attitude. I think it was a wee struggle now and again, but nothing that warranted y being home etc.

Good luck to you!

i found day 2,3,4 day hardest, i was working but i felt that helped so i have something else to think about, u will get thou it im starting week 7 on wedneday and i feel soooooo good! :)
Keep to your usual routine

The whole thing ablout LL is to give you strategies to lead a normal (whatever that is !)life, so don't go changing your routine. Nothing will happen that will stop you going to work for 4 hours.
Good luck.:wave_cry:


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Hi Clarins- I had no side effects apart from a minor headache on around day 6... and I'd been troughing the carbs the day before - so it really does depend on the person...

You'll be fine - let us all know how your first few days go! And good luck! :D:D:D


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