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First week loss.. A true loss?

Hi all, just a query. It's apparent the first week losses are quite high (some are huge!) and then they slow down a little in the following week. I've heard it mentioned that the first weeks loss is just water, if this is true then is it not a 'proper' loss, is it easily put back on and then the following weeks losses are true weight loss? When I did TS the last time and lost in the first week, those pounds (at least 5) went back on in just over a week without eating excessively. Suppose I'm more looking forward to the second weeks loss if this is genuinely the case? Xxx
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First week losses are usually water stored in your body.

On week 3 on TFR I had a meal and gained 5lbs back but when I then got back on the diet and drank my water I dropped those 5 and another 2.5 in 4days.

I think once you reach your goal and begin re-feeding your body will need to adjust and you probably will gain a few pounds back, but if you remain active and get the philosophy of burn more than you eat in your head then you should be able to maintain the weight and also tone up.
Thanks, yeah I'm not so enthusiastic about the first weeks loss now it's mostly just water, seems very easy to put the weight back on too? You're definitely right, it's about training the mind not to go back to the eating habits of before, think I will always replace a meal or two a day with a shake when i get to goal Xx


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Mostly water - but I have heard a few people say that they lost cms/inches within the 1st few weeks too, so that MUST be fat burn right?
Even if it is just water, it's a bloody good motivation to see the scales go down so much so quick!


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It is mainly water - but don't discount it. It is weight lost - never to return. The average is a stone a month. Some weeks lots, some weeks less - but on average a stone a month. Unless you happen to be a man - then its more! A stone a month for most women is about a size a month.
So count it, celebrate it but it will not happen every week.


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Just quick question on the first week loss, I lost few pounds before starting exante so does that mean my first weeks loss will be mostly water - i'm now confused?



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Good question!

Even if it is mostly water, there's bound to be some that isn't, and as Kay and getslim say it's still weight to be lost - our bodies are largely water and as you get smaller then they probably need to retain less. We normally retain water due to not drinking enough and eating too much salt etc which causes our bodies to want to store it. So if you do keep yourself hydrated in future not that much should come back and it's a great start to see a big weight loss for motivation.

My guess would be that the underlying weightloss of fat is 4lb or so which to be fair everytime you lift a 2 litre bottle of water that's about the weight of fat you're losing a week - not that bad hopefully ;-)


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