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First week on Lipotrim.


Motivated by you lot!
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Hi All,

I am just starting on Lipotrim today and it's not with trepidation, but with excitement. I've been to my local pharmacy for my pre-diet weigh-in, and picked up my weekly supply and now I am raring to go.

It's purely by chance that I found this product last week, after going to my GP and then to the chemist afterwards to pick up my prescription, that's when I saw their ads for Lipotrim. So I asked a couple of questions and took their leaflet, even borrowed a DVD to watch and learn more. Then I went home and did some research on the internet when I came across this site. I then spent the next two days reading this thread, and only got to about page 40 of 60-odd.

That was more than enough to give me inspiration. So here I am starting my journey of discovery (and loss!), knowing a lot of the pitfalls but ready to try anyway.

My only reservation is that this may be bad timing for me as I am going away for 2 weeks in mid-July, so really I will only be able to do two weeks Lipotrim followed by a week of re-feed, then away for my trip, to be followed by me re-starting when I get back. Normally I would have said I'll wait until I return but I am so determined not to give in to procrastination that I have decided to start now, and resume when I return.

My overall aim is to lose four stone total (I am 14st 1lb and 5' 5"), getting down to 10, and also to lose as much as possible before my trip. My goal date is by September 1st.

Anyhoo, just wanted to say hello, and I look forward to chatting with you.

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welcome to the forum. this is one very effective way to lose weight but be warned that it is difficult xx

having said that, the pros outweigh the cons and in those two weeks your probably going to lose loads..the only difficult thing sometimes is getting back onto it after a break x

all the best

h x
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Hi DiscPete

Welcome to the gang chuck!! First thing, you are in the right place, this forum is the best place to come for any questions, help, rant, boast :giggle:, anything...we are all in the same boat. I found coming here less lonely than other types of dieting. I find classes so embarrassing, lugging my heavy self in, seeing girls that should never diet...ugh, the whole sshlic. This diet IS amazing if you stick to it 100%. I have already lost 20 odd lbs in 4 weeks. First week was hard, had headaches and felt a bit strange...but honestly henceforth its been the easiest as there is no food to weigh etc etc...you know the rest :tshirt: I'm sure.
Drink lots of water, it does help with hunger...and GOOD LUCK!! ;)


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Welcome to the forum and to LT :)

My only concern is your holiday - enjoy it but just make sensible choices and dont be thinking just cuz your on holiday you can have this and that. LT is a journey and when your on holiday the less carbs you eat the easier it will be for you to get back onto the diet when you are home! :D

Good luck though chuck - i am sure with the determination you are showing that you will suceed :) xx
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Hi Pete and welcome to LT .

You have made the right decision to get two weeks done and then refeed because chances are you will be more aware of healthy eating after the week of refeed and not want to put your two weeks weight loss back on again whereas if you waited it could be a case of the last supper lasting two weeks.

I would question going to ten stone though -seems low for a man (Presuming with name like Pete) . The only downside is as the others have said it can be quiet difficult to get back on to the routine of the shakes again after having food . Your choice at the end of the day :D:D:D


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Hey Pete welcome aboard the fast weight loss train. I'm sure you'll do brilliantly, all you blokes seem to on this diet *jealous*. The support you get on here is fantastic. Stick with it 100% and glug that water and you'll be at goal in no time at all :)
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Hi and welcome

Best of luck, stick to it completely and you will do it easily


I will be skinny again!!!
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Hiya Pete! and welcome to LT :D


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Hiya, it is a great diet and if you ever feel low or need any answers just get on here as there is always someone to help x


Motivated by you lot!
S: 15st2.0lb C: 14st2lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 32.9 Loss: 1st0lb(6.6%)
Thank you all!

Wow, what a great welcome, I wasn't expecting all those so soon! Thanks everyone.

@harriet2 - Thanks for the welcome. I understand that it will be difficult, but if I expect the worst then evertime is isn't so bad will be a bonus. Today for insatnce, I tried the strawberry shake for the first time and I thought it was actually nice! Definitely a good start!

@Candelwix - Thank you too for the welcome. Good advice about the water, thanks. In fact I 'practised' all weekend by upping my water intake so that today wouldn't be such a shock. Seems to have worked too :)

@summergurl - Hi and thanks. Your concerns about my trip are well heeded. It's an unusual one for me as I'm not sure it's something I can plan very well for. I'm going on a motorcycle trip to the Himalayas for 2 weeks, on the Indian side. I have been told not to expect everything to be hot and spicy curries etc, but beyond that, I'm not sure what to expect. I don't anticipate I will be 'pigging out' too much on fast food, if at all. We have been 'warned' not to eat too much meat, especially from the roadside vendors, in case it's not cooked very well. Also a BIG requirement throughout the trip is to...drink lots of water! As I can't really plan fo rthe food side of things, that's the reason I don't want to be on the diet while I am there.

@Michillinwoman - Hello and thanks for the welcome and advice. You were correct, I am a bloke! The 10 stone thing is not an absolute, it's more important to get my health back (I have high blood pressure and cholesterol) and feel happy with the way I look. I will more than likely judge my weight loss by my jean sizes! I also want to just be able to go out in a t-shirt on a hot day and feel comfortable. Hopefully not too much to ask!

@Lou - I have also read that men seem to lose the weight faster, I'm not sure why this is though. I plan on going to the gym for the next to weeks before my trip mentioned above, so if I lose too much I'll apologise in advance ;) Anyway, looking at your pics and reading your stats, you seem to have done exceptionally well, as does everyone else here, which is why I am so excited about this whole thing!

@Yorkshire Adam - Hi and thanks as well for the welcome. Another very impressive set of stats, I hope I can emulate these results.

@Chellywellyboot - Hi and thanks too. I just love your forum name! Congrats on your results too, way below target - good for you. I have some great role models to follow here!

@04624181 - Hi and thank you. I agree - the biggest reason for joining this forum and going through this diet plan for me is the amazing stories on this site and the continuing help that is being given. I just hope I can heed the advice given and live up to my own expectations.


Well, I'm almost through day 1 and I have to say, even with a trip to the gym for a gentle workout, I actually feel fine. I have even enjoyed the shakes. Here's to Day 2...


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hi pete welcome and best of luck!!!!! i know i cert wouldn't stick it if it wasnt for this forum its fantastic !!!!!!! ;) ;) ;) :)


Here we go again!
Hi Pete and welcome. Well done for getting through day 1. How's day 2 going? Once you are in ketosis it will get so much easier and once you have your first week's weigh in that will really spur you on for week 2.

Stick to this 100% and you will lose that 4 stones so easily and quickly. You lucky, lucky men! Good luck and stay positive, it really is the best diet out there.


Motivated by you lot!
S: 15st2.0lb C: 14st2lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 32.9 Loss: 1st0lb(6.6%)
Good morning all...

...and thank you Scotsmist, nicolas and MiniB for the new "Welcomes". :)

Yesterday has given my plenty of confidence as it went so well. I did learn a couple of things though: Don't smell the shakes before drinking them. After just drinking the strawberry one, I made the mistake of smelling the vanilla one after I mixed it, because vanilla is possibly my favourite smell ever, and it was disgusting. Fortunately I didn't taste nearly so bad as it smelt, not as nice as the strawberry but still ok.

Also, I need a better method of counting how much I have drunk; I have two 1 litre water bottles which I drink from all day and replace one when the first is empty, to make the third litre. I also drank about another half-litre at the gym due to the workout. However in the evening I couldn't remember if I had replaced the first bottle. I'm sure I had, which would have made 2.5 litres for the day (not including the gym water) , but perhaps I should get one three-litre bottle to avoid possible confusion.

I woke up a little hungry this morning, so went straight for the water, and feel fine now. I am thinking of splitting my two packs of shakes into four and make each one up fresh as I need it. Seems better than 2 large drinks, but we'll see.

Looking forward to the rest of the day.
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Hey Pete!! Best of luck with your first week of Lipotrim...I too was also excited at starting the diet and had read up about it on here and on other internet sites before starting.

Hope you get on well xx


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Hiya Pete, welcome and good luck with your second day. The first week is the worst physically but if you keep drinking the water and keep forcused you'll sail through. I mix my vanilla with coffee and have it as a latte which isn't so bad.


Motivated by you lot!
S: 15st2.0lb C: 14st2lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 32.9 Loss: 1st0lb(6.6%)
Hi laura.1810 and Aoife, thank for the good lucks and welcomes! That's a good tip about coffee in the vanilla shake, I will try that for sure.

I just realised that calling this thread 'Starting Lipotrim today' was not the best idea I've ever had, as it's out of date after 1 day, lol. That's hindsight for ya. :)


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Hi laura.1810 and Aoife, thank for the good lucks and welcomes! That's a good tip about coffee in the vanilla shake, I will try that for sure.

I just realised that calling this thread 'Starting Lipotrim today' was not the best idea I've ever had, as it's out of date after 1 day, lol. That's hindsight for ya. :)

You can edit the title Pete of your own thread by going to the first post...click on the edit button
Then go advanced and you will then be able to change the title.

Well done on getting to day two:)

Love Mini xxx


Motivated by you lot!
S: 15st2.0lb C: 14st2lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 32.9 Loss: 1st0lb(6.6%)
Day two ok so far...

Thanks Mini,

I've updated the thread title now, appreciate the help.

Day 2 is going well, getting a few hunger pangs but they lasy only moments if I drink straight away. Just had my first coffee, I have a feeling that may be my lifesaver, although I had been trying to give (or reduce) that up as well. One step at a time though...

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