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First week on slim fast

Hello all,

Newbie to slimfast after following various diets including WW, slimmingworld and Cambridge diet.

I found Cambridge diet worked best for me as I didn't have to think about what I was eating but hated there shakes and missed the texture of food.

Anyway needless to say I failed at those diets and need to lose a hefty 7 stone.

My first week on slimfast I have found really easy. I have been having my shakes and then for my main meal been having a ww ready meal with a portion of veg added, which has usually left me around 200cals to have something extra for afters ie a yoghurt etc.

I did have one night that was a prebooked xmas dinner that I was worried about, but I went along, stuck to 2 small glasses of wine, only ate half of each course, just so I had a taster and didn't feel left out, and then got straight back on the plan. Which I was proud of myself as my usual mentality would be oh well Ive messed up now may as well keep eating.

Anyway to cut a long story short I have lost 9lb! Which I am gobsmacked and overjoyed about :) I didn't lose that much on cambridge! I hope my weeks continue in the same direction!

Also can anyone tell me am I ok to warm my shakes as I have been having the chocolate and cafe late ones warmed up as its so freezing I feel that I need something warm first thing.
Shel xx
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hiya welcome to the world of slimfast,,, 9lbs is a fanatastic first weeks loss just remember it will slow down so dont feel disheartened when it does and keep going,, warming the shakes is fine lots of people do it,, often ill have a cuppa soup instead of the shake at lunchtime just make sure the calories are low and its fine. Bovril is a great warming drink and is only 8 calories per little cup.
Hi thanks for your reply.

I expect the weight loss will slow down as often starts with a big loss and then stops with me as I have PCOS so only have to look at food and the weight piles on.

I've actually been having slimasoups and ainsley harriot soups as my snacks to warm me up would rather have them than a sweet treat.

The cals sound great on bovril, but don't think i could stomach it. xx
Well done on week1 loss!

Dont worry about the amount you need to lose, i have around 10 stone to go, but am taking it a stone at a time. Will see how i feel after each one.
Thanks for everyones replies.

Loser 85, TBH according to the BMI chart I should lose about 10 stone. But I don't want to lose that much, I don't think it would suit me. But right now even getting to 15 stone would be a massive acheivement as I have not been that weight for around 8 years so thats my first big goal at the moment. xx
Well done Shelley,
Thats a fantastic loss for slimfast,i have almost the same to lose so will be keeping a close eye on ur posts,to be able to eat real food and lose this amount is a real boost...cheers jen
Know what you mean about the 15 stone thing shelley. Has been 4 years for me. Tbh i just really want to get below 20 stone. Keep up the gr8 work missus :D
i started out around the 18 stone when i started slimfast in april and ive now got to just in the 15s hopefully as my scales have broke but i only needed 1lb to get to into the 15s so we all have huge goals to reach and given time help and support no reason each n every one of us can do it
Calorie counter popping in to say...

Wow thats a fantastic first loss. Congratulations.

I have the occasional slimfast when I can't be bothered cooking or when I'm running low on calories. I love the cafe latte and I think I'll be trying it hot, my brain treats hot food as more of a meal. I used to like the slimfast hot choc, always seemed to fill me up better but they don't do it anymore:sigh:

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