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First week on xenical

Tomorrow I will have completed my first week on xenical. I have tried various diets over the years and successfully lost weight only to put it back on again. My doctor suggested xenical and I have to say I am loving the diet. I am following a low fat plan and bought the alli diet plan book for some meal suggestions. I love the food I am eating now and never feel hungry. I need to get back into regular exercise though. I love swimming and aim to go two or three times a week. I am very impressed how well everyone seems to be doing on this diet plan and hope to get to know you. Any advice anyone can give me would be much appreciated. I will post my weight when I have my first weekly weigh in tomorrow.
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Thank you. I just hope I don't get bored of it too quickly, although I am loving the food I am eating. I can't believe what junk I was eating before.
How do you get your weight loss ticker on your signature?
go to tickerfactory.com and find the weigh loss link and go from there :D then copy the link you are given at the end onto here. sorry not that good at explaining things
Hi diana, good luck with the xenical and your weigh in tomorrow!!

The only rule to stick to is no more than 5g fat per 100g and no more than 45g fat per day!! I would advise you to drink plenty of water too!! You will get plenty of support and advice on here!! so stick around! :D
Hiya Diana goodluck for tomorrow :)

Don't look at it as a diet but as a lifestyle change than you won't fail :):)
Thank you. I have treated myself to a couple of glasses of wine tonight, hope it doesn't ruin what I have done so far. I haven't had all my calorie allowance so figured it might be ok as it's Friday. Everyone seems to be doing so well with xenical. I think the worry of having the side effects helps me to stick to the fat allowance.
Thanks for the encouragement. I have weighed this morning and have lost 7lbs this week. I am really pleased. Had to weigh myself several times to make sure it was 7lbs as I didn't expect to lose that much. It has certainly got me motivated and I haven't done an awful lot of exercise this week. Hoping to get back to swimming this coming week. Good luck to everyone else and have a great weekend.
Thank you. Cleaning day today so hopefully I can burn off some calories. Going to try the coq au vin from the alli diet plan book today.
I have to say since starting this diet a week ago I feel I have alot more energy and it has given me more confidence. When I went to see my doctor because my BP was high and I was having problems with my back, I was feeling pretty low. My eldest son started at Uni in October and it has been difficult getting used to him not being here. My doctor suggested xenical when I told her I was struggling with my weight and I am so glad she did :) I have to say though I an not sleeping very well at the moment, waking several time to go to bathroom and I am not really drinking an awful lot of water. Anyone else having this problem?
I did have the problem of not sleeping in the beginning of lot of the woman on here have said they had the same problem, but it does pass! I am always going toilet during the night so thats normal for me, but not being able to get back sleep wasnt!!
I have never really slept through and it's usual for me to get up a couple of times in the night but this last week it's been alot more. I don't feel tired though. How long are you allowed to take xenical for? The doctor didn't really tell me much. She just warned of the side effects and told me how much fat I could have.
they generally say (well my doctor said) if you dont lose 5% in 12 weeks then they will take you off it!! Some on here have been on it for a year!! Not really sure what the time limit is, but i think i read somewhere it can be taken long term, so i am guessing a year or there abouts!!

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