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First Week Weigh In

Well done. That's an absolutely amazing loss! Good for you :D
Congrats, what a great start!!!
I have just gotten back from buying myself the new wii active 2, pestered my chap till he took me to get it. Bonus, it was on special too, so ill get the old wii hooked up and use it for something useful for once. Lets see how that effects my results
Tomorrow is my second week weigh in, and im worried its not gonna be a good result for me. Seem to have hit a plateau very early on :(. I usually weigh myself every other day as any loss helps me keep motivated and remind me why im fighting my constant sugar cravings!!
Well fingers crossed for in the morning.....i just hope i can hit 1lb this week
well done!! youve done great!!! that 8lb (over half a stone) in 2 weeks! whoop!
Thanks sgcoolchick :)

I dont really keep a diary to be honest, just keep my calorie intake at aprox 600 per day (my BMR is just over 1600), plus eat a lot of fruit and do at least 30 mins 5 days a week on wii active, plus my auntie gave me a treadmill which is fatastic.
I have struggled in the past with dieting but this one feels right, and it seems so simple now i feel i have cracked what works for me (though chocolate is always in the back of my mind i have still not sucumbed to its charm).
My new motto is the more the move the more you loose, and being an avid computer gamer it was an issue for me in the past. I actually enjoy my exersise now and feel like i have earn my computer time after it.

Congrats on your 10lb loss over 3 weeks, thats no small feat in itself :)
In the morning i for breakfast i have a 35g serving of cheerio Klusters with orange top milk (1% fat), 1 actimel and 200ml fresh orange juice.
First break at work would be a peice of fruit and water.
Dinner at work would be a sandwich (no more that 150 kcal), 1 piece of fruit and water.
and then back at home i always have a weeks worth of dinners planned up to 250 kcal. I tend to stick to soups with a couple of slices of WW grannery bread (which makes the 2 slices aprox 110 cal) Oxtail soup is very good i find, 1 serving of heinz oxtail is 77kcal :)
Always have fish on a thursday just to make sure im eating it, not very keen on fish but hey, if its good for you.
Then thats it for the day, i drink lots of water in the evening to keep the munchies away and make myself feel full.
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thats impressive! well i have been doing 800-1000 cals...not sure i would cope on 600! thats willpower for you! you have done so well but your small already! i have about 5 stone to shift! boo! x

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