Hi, I started Lipotrim on 2nd January 2010, and have found the first week quite challanging, but not as bad as I expected and my tummy has only grumbled a couple of times. Not sure what to expect at my first weigh in. Does anyone know of anyone who has lost weight with Lipotrim and kept it off, when you look on the internet, apart from this forum, its all doom and gloom and people saying you can only keep it off for a few months, exactly what i dont want to hear at the moment!!
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There are quite a few people around the forum that have maintained for well over a year now!

Well done on getting through your first week! have you had your first weigh in yet?


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Welcome Kirsty and well done on your first week.

I have a friend who lost 7 stone and has kept it off for 6 months. have a look through the inspiration slide show and the community photos too.

Good luck, and stay on here for motivation and support.xx


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If you finish LT and then go back to eating how you used to then ofcourse you are going to put it all back on but if like me you learn to look at food differently then you will keep it off.

My first week was ok and i wasnt tempted to eat atall and i have not been hungry since. After i have lost 6 stone i am going to join SW and lost another stone-ish but still keep going to the meetings and im never going to let myself get in this position again.

Good luck!!

No I haven't, first weigh in will be Tuesday, as long as the snow doesnt get any worse here, i cant get the car out of the drive way at the moment!! Hoping its good news though to give me a boost!! i will report on Tuesday. Thanks very much for the info.


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the thing i dont understand about them going on about everybody putting it on and everybody saying the diet is bad and youll never keep it off. but getting to say 9 stone by healthy eating and getting to say 9 stone by lipotrim isnt different. at the end of the say your still at nine stone and then you just have to stay there, so if you feel your putting on weight then eat healthy and excersise and youll be back to normal..or if you put on a bit too much just come back and do lt,,.i just dont get why people say it doesnt work etc etc..sorry needed to vent that lol...
kirsty i think if you can do it and get through it and want it more than anything you will get through lt and maintain.
so basically i would tell you not to worry and while your on lipotrim take a look back at your old eating habits and what could be changed and what you want to change. if your a bit worried about putting the weight back on why not do ww or something after youve lost the weight? thats what im planning on doing instead of going off solo and ruining it! of luck sweetie...x


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I agree with bells don't be put off with other peoples negativity. I admit I have gained but am back on tfr to get me back to goal. Lipotrim has been the best thing for me. I couldnt stick to other diets but this as helped me. I am determined to not go back to were I started


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the only reason the weight goes back on is through not eating sensibly and not monitoring your weight - nothing to do with how you lost it in the first place (in my opinion).

For people that are heavily overweight, this is a real option - a motivation. I couldn't cope with 1 or 2 lb per week - it would take me years!

I went to see a dietician, who recommended a loss of 1 to 2lb per week, and when I told her I had lost a stone in a month - she nearly fell off her chair and said well done !!! how contradictory is that ?

Anyway, LT and the other TFR diets work - its just dealing with the maintenance once at goal that is the problem. (for me anyway)xx
Thanks everyone for your replies and advice. I am soooooo glad I found this Forum and it is so positive and I really need a lot of positivity to help me through. I am really grateful xx


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good luck kirsty,you can do it

irish molly

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Good luck Kirsty on LT. I agree with the other posts, the real challenge is how you maintain not how you lose the weight in the first place. USe your time on LT to think about your eating habits and this will help you focus for the maintenance phase.