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First week

Just started, on the 5th day now. The shaky feeling has worn off and the acute hunger has worn off. Got used to the soups eventually. Shakes and bars are lovely - no complaints there. Am planning to do 100% for one month and then see how I feel. So far so good :) This diet is MUCH nicer than VLCD's I tried before which all failed because I couldn't stand the taste.
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Still Motivated
Hello Mrs R,
Welcome to here.
You are over the first few days and that is good. The one months at a time motto is a very good one. Exactly how I approached it.
Looking forward to sharing your journey.
Love Myr xxx
Wotcha Mrs R. Yep, it's me, the same one from over there, but would rather keep personal things erm... 'personal'.

Congrats on reaching day 5, that's the worst of the first week over :)
Can't be the same Mrs R

can it????????
Course it is lol, another helper slips into place in my plan to competely populate the forum with people I know........;)

Have you had a sneaky weigh yet L? Or are you a stronger person than us? :D
Well done Mrs R, congrats on making it so far and your positive attitude. I will try not to hold your obviously dubious associations against you [yes Yambabe I mean you]


Full Member
Welcome Miss R.:)

You will see a huge change in a month - it will definitely be worth it.
Welcome! I'm on day 7 and it's my first weigh in tomorrow! I am the same as you, milkshakes and bars good, soups not so good, although the mushroom was pretty nice. I already feel a bit slimmer even after just a week, I'm planning to stick to total solution for at least 4 weeks, see how I feel at the end of that and then either carry on or go onto the working solution.

Good luck! x
Well done Mrs R, congrats on making it so far and your positive attitude. I will try not to hold your obviously dubious associations against you [yes Yambabe I mean you]
How very dare you :eek: I have been a model of decorum and helpfulness recently! :D

Well, I mostly have. OK, I sometimes have.

Haha, thanks everyone - it is indeed me from 'over there' :) And I couldn't resist a sneaky weight in being Mrs impatient. I've lost 9 pounds in 5 days :eek: I have no idea where it went - fluid retention?
You use up your glycogen stores in the first few days and glycogen does hold water so some of it will be fluid.

Some will be fat too though, which is nice! :D
Welcome. I am half way through week 2 and all is going well. All the best to you on your journey x
You kept that quiet on fb
but you can't help but say something as the weight drops off L
As my Grannie used to say, if someone wants to sue me I will help them look for the money ! Yambabe , I do very dare indeed my dear, I feel it spurs you on to even greater smilies. In my view though the rabbit will be hard to top. Do you ever wonder if people called Susan get fed up with people sue-ing them? Grroan, sorry,that was bad.
Hello Mrs R and welcome!
I'm into my 3rd week and today I did my coat up without even thinking - 3 weeks ago it didn't do up without wanting to pop open again so keep with it you do see results really quickly.
9lb's in your first 5 days is great. I'm weighing twice a week at the moment as I need that motivation but eventually I will go down to once a week.
PS So where is this 'over there' place you all seem to know?!?!??!
A few of us are also members of a bikers' forum - one by one, we decided to do the same diet. :)
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