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First Week

Hi Guys,

This is my first week, i get weighed in the morning at the chemist. I must admit this has been a very hard work.
I have done Lipotrim before with fab results, but the chemist cocked me up last time and have now eventually put the weight back on.

I use to be really big and managed to loose over 3st on my own with weight watchers, so now i want the final bit of weight off.

My sister has joined with me and we both have struggled this week, she wants to quit and i keep tellin her we are not aloud in a very loud voice lol
She's actuallt got to her goal with Lipotrim to get married nearly 2 yrs ago. So i know she can do it.

Any tips, advice or if someone wants to be a buddy, i really need to finish it this time at 10st. Moral support would be appreciated.
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Hey, congratulations on losing 3st so far thats great! Im on my first week too day 4 but Im finding it ok no disasters yet, not even feeling hungry. I entered ketosis on day 2 and lost 4 lbs in the first 2 days so im thrilled so far. First weigh in is on Monday so fingers crossed. How much do you want to lose to get to 10st? x


i will be thin!
Welcome back Dee and sister!

My advice drink plenty of water no more than 4 litres, spread your lipotrim products throughout the day I have my first one at 12, then 5pm then 9pm so I don't feel hungry!

Try not to cheat, as you will only regret it ( I did) and before long youl be 10 stone!!!!

All the best on your journey xx
welcome and best of luck with your losses :) ... just hang in there and keep focused on the light at the end of the tunnel
There are plenty of threads about making your shakes more easier to drink and some cheats but please dont listen to them. If you want to do this then you have to do it 100%. I out ice and 2 sweetener in my strawberry shake, mix some coffee and sweetener into my vanilla (and have it hot). Haven t tried the chocolate one yet but will next week. The flapjacks in my opinion are vile. Drink loads of water and you should be feeling ok after a few days. The first week is the hardest but you'll get through it. Just think about all the nice new clothes your going to buy :)
Hi Guys,

Thanks for the support, got weighed this morning and lost 11 pounds, i am over the moon. My sister lost 15 pounds and i nearly fell through the floor. We are so pleased, she wanted to come off but as rencouraged her to continue.
Thanks for the tips, i try to have loads of tea and try not to think about food. I binge eat alot so it has been an hard week for both of us.


irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Dee and Sis, well done to you both on such fab week one losses. Stick with it and stick to it 100%. You have done the hard part getting week one over you. Keep busy when food is on the go around you. Keep sipping water throughout the day. Water really is your best friend. Sip it rather than glug down big glasses. This way, it will help keep you feeling full.
Set yourselves some mini goals with little rewards for reaching each one. It really helps motivate you if you have mini steps along the way.
Maybe put money by for each five pounds lost. You can put it towards a facial or a manicure or a new top.
Take something out of the wardrobe that used to fit and try it on each week.
Take your measurements every few weeks. Even if the scales are not moving much you may find you are losing inches.
Best of all, you have each other to encourage and help along the way. Best of luck with it.
What a loss!!
Thanks Irish Molly,

Yeah really please, but am craving food today so not really happy. I have 2 daughters under five with food and sweets and fizzy pop, which is killin me.

Trying to think of results, but am struggling, its so hard giving food up entirly.
Thanks for all the suggestions, will try to push through. My sister is the same we want a jacket salad for tea instead of weak chicken soup :(


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