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First weekend looming - help!!

This is starting to feel like the longest five days of my life. I don't mean from a physical point of view as I've been one of the lucky ones and haven't had any problems but the thought of this for the next 4 months is starting to get to me and now I've got the weekend to cope with which would normally involve at least one takeaway and lots of wine - why I'm here I know. On top of that, it's my niece and nephew's birthday lunch on Sunday at my sister's. I'm going to have to lie and pretend to feel sick as an excuse not to eat anything as I don't want my family to know I'm doing this diet just yet because if I crash and burn it'll just be one more diet that I've failed at. Bloody hell. Please help. :cry:
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Stop...breathe...it's just another 2 days closer to your goal. When you have your first weigh in, it's all so worth it...the weight comes off so quickly you will notice it immediately in your clothes and it becomes easier once you are past that first week. Keep going and stay focused. I have felt a bit like this today but just think about how dissapointed I would be in myself for giving up...swiftly followed by a mental image of the slimmer me :)

I was the complete opposite when I did LT the first time a few years ago...I told everyone and didn't let them get a word in edge ways before saying that basically I was doing it - end of...lol. I did do well but then had a baby and was stupid. A lot of people say with this sort of diet 'it's dangerous or 'they'll gain it all back' the thing is if followed right it of course is fine and the only reason people gain back is as a direct correlation to what they put in their mouths!

Stay focused and stay on track! You can get through the weekend :)
Hey Thronhill-I feel your pain! Im so determined to do this diet but Im supposed to have a work night out-chinese meal and drinks 2 weeks friday and then a birthday party on the saturday so I cant not go!! im going to obv have to try and skip the chinese and meet after to sip on my water and then drive to the party on the saturday which gives me my excuse for not drinking!! :)
I dont want to tell people im doing this either as Im always saying im on a diet and my weight just goes up and up rather than down!! :-(
Just keep your head up and keep thinking of how u will prove people wrong when your a skinny minnie!!!

Well, have successfully managed Saturday, despite taking my son to MacDonald's after football this morning and then going to a girlfriends and chatting in her kitchen while she made a fab spag bol. Feeling virtuous. Only tomorrow to get through now and I'm feeling determined because I weigh-in on Monday and there's no way I'm going to mess up this close to that pivotal event.

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