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First weigh in!! am gutted


is a naughty girl...
Don't be gutted with 5lbs that is a lot of weight! when you think about it. how many other diets do you lose 5 in a week? did you eat lots the week before you started?
hi only me,
i just ate normal i dint even binge or have last supper type meal...but how would that affect weight loss?


Cambridge Consultant
Just wanted to wish you luck on your cd journey and say a very well done on losing 5 lbs in your first week.. Its a great loss and I am sure if you stick with it this week you will have another fab loss.
Well done. x


is a naughty girl...
some people say that if you have a big week before starting a diet it can affect your for first WI but I think 5lbs is fantastic, I would kill to lose that much :D
thanks all,
am sure u can all understand given that some pple loose upto 14lbs. and some even cheat but still get a good loss. but i guess its still a loss at least not a gain.
Don't worry, I had a 'small' loss the first week on CD. But my losses have stayed pretty consistent ever since. Hang on in there, it's so worth it in the long run.:)

Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
thanks all,
am sure u can all understand given that some pple loose upto 14lbs. and some even cheat but still get a good loss. but i guess its still a loss at least not a gain.
Keep things in perspective okay? The average loss is 1 stone per month. Remember firstly that some people have a lot more to lose than you do so they will lose more weight by proportion. Secondly, some have also had a lot of 'last meals' meaning they will lose more weight in that first week.
I totally know how you feel.
I was exactly like you - stuck to it 100% and lost....6llbs.

It feels crap. All that effort..!
BUT... I have to say that everyone here is absolutely right. 5llbs is 5llbs less than the week before. Thats loads.
I know people who have done 10llbs in the 1st week, but actually - maybe it is them who are abnormal not you (or me for that matter!).
Apparently height can make a difference too. The shorter you are the harder it is to lose.
Don't be discouraged. Don't give up. Chin up chick and keep drinking the water (glug glug) and imagine how fantastic you WILL look at the end of your journey.
People on WW etc would kill for a 5llb loss in a a week.

The other option of course is to take Marjory Dawes' advice from Little Britain and just eat dust! lol.:D
Please don't be disappointed with 5lb loss,it is very good. I remember reading in the Lighterlife magazine of a woman that did spactacularly well over several months, reached her goal and had been maintaining for a long time. Yet, first week's loss was about 4 or 5 pounds which must have felt a bit disappointing as she would have been in a group with at least some members achieving a higher loss. But it really does all even out, on this diet you could lose a pound one week and seven the next - that is not anecdotal- it is what I have observed.
Well done and good luck for next week! x
Hi Hon please don't be disappointed with 5lbs its a great loss plus people lose on average 1stone per month so you are well on the way to being over the average for a month. Plus if you are a girly and near totm that can make a massive difference .

Good Luck and don't lose heart it will pan out in the end.



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Don't worry 5lbs is great. My CDC says it depends on your glycogen store, and if someone has had a very high carb diet previously then they lose more. So perhaps you started at a lower carb store than some. Also time of the month does effect so you may be retaining. Give it a chance I bet you hit more than a stone in your first month.
I lost 5lbs in my first week too.
I've been having slow losses and took me 5 weeks to lose 1stone. I'll have my 7th weigh in on Friday and I doubt I'll have 1.5stone off in the 7 weeks. Most people have this lost in 3/4 weeks.

I was feeling pretty gutted a couple of weeks ago and starting going through the numbers. I wont be at goal by the time I finish (I've 5 weeks left and 2 more stone to lose) but I've realised that every pound off is a step in the right direction.
Yesterday I put on a pair of size 12 jeans that haven't fitted me in a year. They were a bit loose on me when I bought them and I was thin back then. So if they fit me now then I must be losing weight.

I dont think the scales are reflecting my inch loss this time. I'm hoping to be 10stone by the time I go on holidays and then my goal is to be 9stone by my birthday in February. Try forget the scales and keep track of the inches.

Hope you dont get annoyed like me and cheat. It's not worth it.
thanks all.
coconut i cant say i havent thought about cheating because i was curious about what i would loose if i cheated. but i havent cheated yet. maybe i will gain hhmm
hi, richman
i didnt have too much to eat and i can assure u i was eating fairly healthy meals as i was on xenical and dint want to face side effects.


One day at a time!
Well done on the 5lbs - it IS a good loss, and you may find that next week your loss is bigger than usual. Well done for sticking to it 100% - next week will be easier:)

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