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first weigh in back


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
:cry:eek:h god it's my first weigh in after xmas tonight and i am not at all happy am really worried i know i put a bit on but i have worked really hard to try get most of it off i just don't wanna get there tonight and realise how much i have put on and feel like quitting i think it will throw me right off track.
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Mrs V

Loves Life!
Dont think about it Hun...as long as you enjoyed your Christmas break, just think that you are now ready to tackle the loss head on again.
I gorged over Christmas but had a bloomin good time and ok, I gained 5lbs, but I know it will come off again.
Just think that you are going tonight to sort things out, what if you didnt go tonight? Would you just deny what you ate and carry on, only to gain more weight??
Go, face the scales and then concentrate on sorting out what the results are.

Good luck Hun.

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Mine too! I think I've put on 2 or 3lb. Don't fret hun - it will come off!


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Don't think about the WI, think of it as a means to starting again in the morning and getting back on track. What's done is done, you can't undo it now... but you can start fresh in the morning and start looking great in 2009

If it's any consolation, my nice and slim consultant put 9 and a half pounds on over Christmas and New Year, so she's back on plan.


Mad as a Hatter
You need to go to WI tonight and get your head back round the plan. You have had a good time, and if you can't do it at Xmas, then when can you do it ?
As long as you treat it as a one-off and get back to it, then you will be fine...



is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
cheers Kerry - ann your a star as usual i know it will come off i go on holiday in two weeks though and i wanted my stone award and i was only four.5 off


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
and thanks to all you ladies dint see your comment XXX


want to be me again ...
At my WI yesterday most people had gained .strange how we went to a slimming class and were clapping even though peeps had gained!!!!
but it was good for inspiration as atleast we all had the courage to go back again ..and make a new start
good luck honey xxx

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Dont worry about the holiday...sometimes goal posts need to be put a little further back, that doesnt mean we are a failure, it just means that we have had a hurdle to climb first.
Just think how far you have come now and you are still lighter than when you started, so thats a bonus in it self.
Keep at it Hun.



is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
I KNOW I JUST GET SO EASILY DISCOURAGED !! hehe oh well i guess i can just face the music and get on with it i'm over a third of the way now or i was i gotta get back in the swing of things.
Dont worry about it, i bet u had a fab xmas and now ur back on track, the joy of slimming world! x


Finding inspiration
I went to class for the first time in 2 weeks last night. So many people gained that my consultant said "I won't bother with saying so & so has gained 'x' amount... let's just call it a new year and a new start!". And left it at that.

So I know that many on here are fretting about their holiday indulgences, but take comfort in the fact that you are definitely not alone!! So smile and rein it back in and make 2009 the best year yet! :D


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
i gained half a pound wooo hooo i am really pleased with that as i gorged all xmas i'm talking binge eating to the max lmao but come 27th i really cut down had the odd take away but just stopped walking round with a fork in one hand and an icecream scoop in the other.
See, all that stress and worry over a tiny little gain!! Lol!
It could have been a load worse Hun!



is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
am quite excited bout this week to be honest i'm gonna try for a four pounder hehe i hope in the next fortnight i can get my stone award that would be so exciting i think i would actually die of happiness just keel over with a big smile on my face.
Keep up with the positivity and you will get there!
ice cream scoop in one hand and fork in the other- tee hee! Tongue hanging out to lick any passing foodbits too! Hoorah for Christmas. (but well done for excellent weight gain too!)

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