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First weigh-in today

and I've only lost 1.5lbs in a week :(

I've been having shredded wheat with skimmed milk for brekkie, soup or couscous then fruit for lunch, a little snack of some low-fat biccies in the afternoon and either veg and rice or just veg (mainly corn on the cob) for tea (and perhaps a little snack in the evening, like a pink and white marshmallow slice or a little bag of low-fat/cal crackers)

I think half the reason I haven't lost more is because it's my TOTM - so I'm hoping that the next weigh in is more successful! And lots of people have said that they don't lose much on their first week with xenical anyway.
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Hi don't be disheartened i lost a big fat 0 in my first week and was so good no snacking or anything:mad::(:cry: how ever i discovered i was really good on the fat but going over on cals now keeping a food journal and so far this week (week 2) i have lost 3lb what a difference a week makes and everyone loses at there bodies own rate. it takes some people a week for it to kick in properly. 1 1/2 lb is absolutly great especially if it is totm:D:D
keep up the hard work.x
second weigh-in today, lost 5.5lbs this week - very pleased!

size 18 jeans are definitely looser, and the belt's gone up two notches :)


hoping for a good loss
well done you, thats fantastic........oh to be a size 18 lol

Keep going

Charlie xx
Congratulations on losing 5.5lbs this week, that's half a stone in a fortnight! :D You'll be down to a 16 soon! :) x


Silver Member
Well done that's wonderful news :) you're going to be at goal before you know it, keep it up hehe xx
Well done hun, You`re doing FAB!!!

I`m only losing 1lb a week!! Xxxxxxx


plodding away
Everyone loses weight at a different rate and although we all want a speedy loss thats not always possible or advisable.

My Gp has set me a target of 10% of my body weight in 6 months which is about 1lb a week. He said that aiming too high may be part of the reason I was struggling to stick to any plan and was setting myself up to fail.

I just hope I can be happy with a slow loss.

Congratulate yourself for any pounds gone.

Third weigh-in today - down to 16st 4lbs!
well done nearly at your 1st stone!!!
congrats .. keep it up ure doing brill x

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