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first weigh in tomoz

Good luck xxjozxx :)
Goodluck JO :)

mrs a

fat,frumpy,fed up
how did it go -hope you had a good loss xx


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Hi all couldnt find my post still cant get use to using the site, on 3rd week nw and have lost a stone, well chuffed am thinking of doing it for two more weeks then might change to atkins, has anyone else done this before?
thanks for the encouragement loving this site xxxx
good luck all good weight losses
Well done Jo thats fantastic.....

Never tried the Atkins but goodluck in whatever you do xxxx
Hi i chuffed altho seen others are losing it quicker, but everyone s different a, Not to sure as to whether im changing nw, i really dnt want to put on weight by changing
well done on your losses
Jo all I will say is...the more weight someone has to lose they normally lose bigger amounts at first...

My Dr told me that losing 1-2lb a week for someone my weight is when they know its fat been burnt...if I lose a huge amount a week he says its when muscle is beginning to burn which you don't want...

I know we all get possessed by a demon and want our weight to be wittled away quickly but its not good for our health doing it that way.....we must also remember to take multivitamins and keep our nutrients up as these really will boost our bodies :) xxx
Hi so so true, about losing it to quick, when i went to the chemist she thought i would of lost more, i was chuffed tho untill she said that, downer on the day!!!!
But lookin forward to my nxt weight in on monday.
What day do you weight in?
all the best
I weigh myself every Sunday but my Dr is once a month...(yesterday)

Never be disheartened, stress is also a factor into halting weight loss.....so just forget about the dreaded word diet and change it to Lifestyle Change as the foods you eat now will be with you forever....and you haven't got that added pressure that a diet brings with it ....ie failure

With a lifestyle change we are educating ourselves with good foods and realising where we went wrong .....and when you realise the hard work that your putting in to get rid of it you come to thinking "I'm not going through this again " lol......

Our bodies can do so much but if we fill them with rubbish we are gonna come to a stand still....like a diesel run car that you have filled with unleaded...

Every 1lb lost is a way to the new you......we have to remember that to lose a 1lb of fat we have to burn 3,500 calories ....so we have to make the effort to get rid of this fat burden....making sure you exercise and eat a low fat diet your on your way to your goal

stay strong hunny :) xx

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