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First weigh in

well it's been the end of wk 1 on SS and I weighed myself yesterday. A 4lb loss:D. Was hoping for a bigger loss, but after everyones encouragement on here I've perked up. The hardest thing I've found is the cold and tiredness. My hot water bottle has never been so well used, and for feeling tired. I've been so spaced out, but yesterday was like something had lifted, I had a spring in my step and so much energy. I was a force to be reckond with. More of it, is what I say! The best thing about visiting my cdc was getting a wider variety of flavours. I only took a few last week to try them out, but needed a change by yesterday. Had the Toffee & walnut shake last night mmmmmmmmmmm I though I was having something naughty:p. Looking forward to my weigh-in next week now and being able to do some exercise. My cdc said no exercise until after the first 2 wks but I've had a trainer twice a week since Jan and am missing not doing anything. True I could just about walk upstairs last week as I was so tired, but if my energy levels continue this week I might start a bit earlier. Do you think that would be ok??
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Well done on the loss!! Fantastic :)

As for the trainer, i would leave it a little while just until your body adapts to the calorie intake.

Toffee and walnut was my fave, mmmmmmmm :)

Oh, and nice username. One of my favourite places :) xxxx
Are you welsh?
Yep! Where in cardiff do you live?
whitchurch at the moment, just moved from roath. Will prob move back to roath before the summer though - i'm doing some long term house and cat sitting for my sister.

Who's your CDC?
Emma Treweek. Who is yours? How are you finding CD? I'm so cold it's unbelievable, that and tired. Tried the mushroom soup today, wasn't keen. What are your favourites?
Haha, she was mine too. I have had to quit CD cos i have a lot of uni stuff on at the moment and i was getting incredibly depressed. I live not far from her.

The mushroom soup is like cardboard. I stick to chocolate tetras and sweet shakes xxx
what are you studying?

I'm completely obsessed by food, it's all I ever talk about, so I'm finding this quite good as it's taking that away and I'm actually looking forward to a bit of fish and veg for when I can start ss+. For someone who would happily eat cake all day, everyday I'm heading in the right direction. A cup of tea with milk would be sooooooooo nice though:rolleyes:


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Well done with your loss!



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I'm actually looking forward to a bit of fish and veg for when I can start ss+. For someone who would happily eat cake all day, everyday I'm heading in the right direction.
I'm the same!! I don't normally "crave" proper food (except mashed potato) I'd normally crave sweet stuff, cakes and chocolate and ice cream.. but I just couldn't wait for my AAM week just so I could eat broccoli!! it was very very strange. I do like broccoli though... I wish I had another AAM next week :D
I'm in my fianl year at cardiff uni doing Genetics. Hoping to do my PGCE then teach secondary science xxx
thank you all for your encouragement. On any diet I find the week ok but struggle with the weekends. My OH bought a greggs sausage roll this afternoon and after having a disaster with my vanilla shake this morning (blender broke and I had a vanilla & plastic bits shake:() I have to say it smelt lovely.mmmmmmmmm I love greggs pasty section. I did well though I resisted, I made sure I didn't even lick my fingers as that would have been too much. Does anyone find that with ketosis (I know my breath smells - OH keeps telling me) they're saliva tastes a bit minty?? Maybe my mouth is just hoping:)

I've come to conclusion I eat because I'm bored, which is why I'm so glad I've found this website. I just read other people's inspirational stories instead. Far more positive I think.

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