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First weigh in!

Hi everyone,

Well ive just had my first weigh in and am very happy to hear..... ive lost 10lbs in my first week :crazy:

All that hard work has paid off. Plus after having such a lousy day yesterday, the thought of only being 1 sleep away from my weigh in stopped me from caving yesterday & today im feeling great! Hope you are all doing ok, and if u got a weigh in coming up, I wish u luck:)
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P.s Could someone please tell me how to update my ticker! Thanks
Well done you x I had my first weigh in yesterday and also lost 10lb feels good dosent it and makes it worth while. Can I ask you have you felt tired, I seem to want to sleep all the time.

well done xx
well done ,, u just click on ur ticker and it will come up to update it ,, :)
Well done, fantastic weight loss, iut will certainly give you boost for week 2! Just think you'll prob have a stone off in total come the end of the week! Keep it up!
Hi fairy its not working for me hun, or am i just being dumb?

Yes Val i did feel tired more so in the first few days but by day 4 i felt great, it does ease off eventually!

Thanks Pineapple i hope so x
whats exante
try double click it will come up in a new window ,, well it should lol


Is thinking positive!
WOW!! Well done you...Keep it up! :):)
Thanks Nikki i think i have it now!

I also have lots to loose, but we are on the right track, when i first heard about lipotrim i honestly thought there is no way i could go even a day with out food...but it works its amazing! you just have to stick with it and take each day as it comes as they have all been so diff for me up to now Good Luck "Hate being fat" keep us posted!

Thank you Laura x
Hate being fat, when i started I took 'BEFORE' pics and I felt that helped spur me on. I lost weight for my wedding and there is no doubt about it that havig something as big as that to aim for helpped me no end. When I orderd my wedding dress, the shop ordered it in a size 21!!! I told them I dieting but they would not allow me to order smaller one. When I wore my dress, it had been taken down to a size 14! I tell you, wiping that smug look off those ladies faces was absolutely priceless! They could not believe it! I woudl make sure you have a mini goals. Write down why you want to lose weight and refer back to it when ever you feel week. As the weeks pass, you'll can add to your list all teh plus points of losing weight, like you skin will be better, smaller clothes, healthy shiny hair and nails etc etc. Honestly if you want to lose weight, then this diet works wonders and its fast and with it being all or nothing, there is nothing to worry about. You can do it.x


Getting there!!!
Im on my first day and im hoping il be able to stick this. i have alot to loose. any advice

hiya,well done on starting the lt!! i find that i physically have to tell myself NO if im reaching for the just one bite thing!!!! it really works when u say it out loud!! crazy...i know lol....:D:D
Thanks Pineapple and A new me.
Its my second attempt so fingers crossed.

Pineapple you looked fab on your wedding day. I got married in April 2007 and even thou i lost some weight for it, i didnt get down to the weight i wanted. I did it the old fashioned way of low calorie and exercise and i regret it to this day so im not gona let my weight ruin anymore events for me. All systems go now. thanks for the support
thanks mick1166. Il do my best.

Trivenam, i see your heading to Lanzarote in a few weeks. I love Lanzarote....thats where i got married.
I know what you mean about saying NO out loud. Il be saying that alot. Neighbours will think ive lost it.
love your wedding photos pineapple - looks like you had a fantastic day and you look stunning. Have to say I was 8 st 13 lb on my wedding day and would love to be back at that - they're the only photos I've ever liked of me!

Lol would have loved to see the faces of the women in the shop when you had your dress taken in :):)

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