First WI


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Woo well done Tasha! That's fantastic, have you stopped worrying about last night now?!


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Thats fantastic!!!! :D :D :D


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Well done, thats fab! hope mine is as good tomorow.



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Brilliant Tasha, that is a superb loss, glad that you are feeling pleased x


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Well done love, you've done really well despite having a bit of a tough time yesterday.


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well done hun xx

Anthony Smith

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What did i tell you, told you would do well, !!!

Congratulations hunni !!!! :D :D Big Hug :grouphugg:



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That's fantastic Tasha... start planning for your first charm cos you'll be getting it next week at this rate :D


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Great going Tasha!!!! So... You're on your way to a new charm next week aren't you? :smile:


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Well done hun thats fantastic!!! x x xx


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Hey thats fantastic - after your week its just what you needed to hear :D

Well done x


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Thanks everyone hehe!

I know Caroline and Ant you both told me it would be fine and it was hehe!! ty both! And everyone else!! Loved that my ticker has gone down :D xxxx


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Fantastic Tasha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done! Here's to a second fab weight loss next week!


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Sooo pleased for you Tasha hun xx :D :D 9lbs is a great loss you should feel very proud with yourself. All that hard work really does pay off doesn't it :) Keep going and here's to another loss next week ^.^