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fish and chips


is getting better at it
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i have been craving fish and chips for a couple of weeks now but have been fighting it but no matter what i ate i didnt feel satisfied so today i gave into the fish and chips i only ate the fish and not the batter (as i dont like the taste since i gave up smoking) and only had about 3 chips so hopefully i can start all over again now.

is it wise to fight the cravings or give in a have a little bit to get it out the way
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YUM YUM!!! I love fish and chips !!

Have you tried cooking your own chips in the oven? They are SO SO good, even my husband wont touch chippy chips anymore! Also, try rolling fish in polenta before frying it with spray oil :)
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I don't think chippy fish with the batter taken off would be that calorific anyway so don't beat yourself up! You did well not to go the whole hog and scoff the lot. seems like a goos compromise. fish suppers are huge so share a small one with my son. I can easily eat a whole large one but 20 mins later my hunger reflex catches up with me and I feel stuffed and a bit ill. half actually is fine!


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I think you've done really well metrognome.

I used to love fish n chips from the chippy but now I just think they're disgusting, all that horrible grease floating around, urgh!

Try McCain Rustic Oven Chips, they're only 2.7g fat per serving and they're delicious! xx


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OOOh yes, i agree with madgefan, i love mccains rustic oven chips and they are filling too!


is getting better at it
S: 17st10lb C: 15st3lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 41.6 Loss: 2st7lb(14.11%)
i have the mccain rustic ones but they just did not take the craving away, but i have been good today and felt satisfied after i ate so it must be out my system now


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The asda good for you oven chips are really nice i go through loooads of them , nif you felt the need for fish and chips then have them just be prepared to maintain and dont beat yourself up about it, everything in moderation.


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Well done for not over indulging. Taking the batter off is the bes thing to do and 3 chips arent going to hurt. As others have said, make your own oven chips to go with your unbattered fish (but not every week lol)

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