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Fish & chips- which plan? Help!


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Hi guys, I'm off to the seaside tomorrow and want to have fish & chips as a seaside treat. I'm not sure what plan to do it on- I'm going to struggle to get the superfree to do ee, and red is no good with chips.

So I'm thinking green, fish as my 2 heb with batter off, small chips & mushy peas? How does that sound? Want to stay on plan as much as possible as it's my weigh in the day after.
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For one day, one meal, I'd stay on EE so the syns are as small as possible, and make up the SF over the course of the day by having plenty fruit and veg. You don't HAVE to have 1/3 SF at each meal, although that will boost losses more x
I think its going to be hard either way to measure. The chips would need to be synned on green, coz they arent swimming world, and you arent going to be able to measure them! I think you have picked the best option, coz mushy peas and red are no good together - Do you have any leftover syns for this week?

Its a tough one, personally, if it wasnt the day before WI, I would say work out the syns on the chips, and flexi the day, but you WILL have to go easy on the chips if you want to stay entirely within plan.


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Ok so go EE - have small fish and chips with batter removed and mushy peas and make sure you take a salad with you or lots of fruit so that you can make up on your super free at some point during the day. Make sure you drink plenty of water and keep the rest of the day syn free - lots of free foods and as much superfree as you can manage.
If it was me i wouldn't bother counting the syns. Its the end of your slimming week, you're having a meal out that you want to have and limiting the damage by having a small portion and removing the batter. Main thing is if you're going a bit off plan to enjoy it, so you can start afresh the next day without feeling guilty.
If the scales show a STS then i'm sure you'll show a big loss next week as long as you stick to plan.
Hope you enjoy your day. xx


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S: 16st5.5lb C: 14st8.5lb BMI: 33 Loss: 1st11lb(10.89%)
Forgot to say, I will be sharing the chips with my little girl instead of getting her a full portion and she will eat at least half of them if not more. I'll ask for a small chips and a large fish and let her have the lions share of the fish & syn the chips as a standard portion. I have had 10 or less syns a day so I have got some left over but am going to have 5 today and thurs too so it will be flexi synned too.

Ee it is:) and evening meal will be fruit salad I think. Breakfast my usual banana, weetabix and muller combo and probably fruit for supper so that will make up the superfree:)

Thank you everyone:D


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I really think people tie themselves in knots trying to stick EXACTLY to plan. The 1/3 superfree thing I see as being a "rule of thumb" you should aim to achieve it more often than not to keep on the right track but dont fret about fitting it in 3 times a day, seven days a week.

Its Slimming World trying to make sure you naturally limit your free foods by filling up on superfree, but as long as you aim to do that most of the time, you arent going to completely wreck everything if you dont manage it at every single meal. If you start trying to justfy it by having fruit etc afterwards - unless you were planning on eating some fruit anyway, then you are just eating for the sake of it - how is that helping?

If you look at some of the EE recipes in the magazines, books, starter packs, even they dont follow it all the time - one of the starter pack books had fish chips and mushy peas as a free SW meal (SW made obviously, not out of the chippy!) - no superfree there!

And fruit salad as an evening meal? i think you are going overboard there trying to compensate - you should have a normal, food optimising meal of 1/3 superfree - 2/3 free - if I just had fruit salad for dinner I'd be starving within half an hour!


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S: 16st5.5lb C: 14st8.5lb BMI: 33 Loss: 1st11lb(10.89%)
To be honest I do get a bit obsessive over the superfree, even though I know extra easy is more forgiving.

With us being out all day I'll prob have most of my evening meal made up as fruit salad with a baked potato & beans or something before. I'm off out to cinema at teatime so I won't want a big tea. I'll probably need supper though!

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