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Fit flops

my sister has a pair, she on her feet all day, and swears by them l don't know myself as l dont have a pair, l think there a bit gimmicky
I absolutely love my fit flops, they are the comfiest shoes I've ever owned. I took them to Florida and wore them all the time.
Worth every penny:)


skinny jeans-im on my way
ive got the reebok easitone trainers,ive been wearing them for about 6 weeks,for walking the dog,school runs etc,can definately notice a difference in my thighs and bottom area,you can feel your muscles working differently.would defo reccomend.x
I love my fit flops, they are so comfy & worth the £10 I spent. I don't think they 'work' as such but they are the best flip flops I've ever had.

My daughter is an Avon rep & I bought them from Avon last year, they have them in the current brochure priced £15.
I'll have to have a look. My fit flops were nearly £60.
Do you feel or notice a difference?

When I first started wearing them I noticed the difference in the way they made me walk. They certainly tightened the muscles in the back of my legs. Now, I'm so used to wearing them that I dont notice anything, in fact if I wear any other footwear, it feels strange.
Hi Emma, i have a pair of these that i have been wearing for walking, i must admit im a bit dissapointed with them. Although the idea makes sense and they feel awkward to walk in (so surely they must do something!) after an hour walk i cannot feel anything...no muscles aches to make me think that they are working any new muscles. they are quite funa dn bouncy though!
I wore mine all last summer and I do a lot of walking as I have a dog and I'm afraid I noticed no difference! :D BUT they were sooo comfy!


Working on it
Quite liking these:


I'm not much of a trainer wearer so it's important for me to get something that i would actually wear as well. Really looking for trainers to use at the gym or when out walking and looking for flip flops to wear for the summer so quite like these as well:


Also my other problem is that I'm a little bit of a shoe fiend...so any excuse!

It's my birthday next week... I wonder if the OH has got me anything yet??

Am very tempted to buy some they may be like anything, work better for some people than others...I just don't know! maybe they can be my treat for when I reach one of my goals...
I bought a cheap pair of toning trainers from that sports direct, or sports world. They were cheap and look disgusting and when i wear them my legs kill me lol so they do work. I did buy the sandals too but they cut the skin between my big toe n nxt toe everytime i wore them so had to stop wearing them


Working on it
ooo I just won a pair of fit flops on e-bay! see how i get on with them and then I might invest in a pair of trainers!

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