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FITNESS......does it come off quicker?????


Resident geek
not sure if it does officially.. but i can see why it would work.. speeding up metabolism.. etc.. and also the good natural high you get off doing it.. you know.. its worth a try.. i was thinking about maybe starting skipping (girlie.. but its a great way to burn calories).. and im gonna see how it goes.. when i get down to a size i feel comfortable in a swimming costume.. im gonna take up swimming..

What is it you would fancy doing? x x
Hi Kitteh
I am a member of a gym believe it or not !! (haven't been for a while) but I used to like jogging which is hard work but tones quite quick. Skipping tones, people I know skip and hullahoop and get results. Swimming is fab for you but I'm a wimp in a swimsuit lol :hide:


Resident geek
hehe.. me too.. like i say.. they dont call them costumes for nothing.. hehe.. i wish they did ones which were suitable for a swimming pool with like.. legs down to the knee... and long arms.. lol.. but then people would just think i was weird.. lol.. i really love swimming though.. soooo much..
x x


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its ok.. im sure someone will be along tomorrow who has a hell of a lot better advice than me.. hehe.. probs a cd counseller or something.. was cool chatting to you too..
Loadsa love doll..
x x x


Im just me!
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when i joined the gym made my weight loss slower,i dunno why tho,is still had plenty of water and my shakes!


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Perhaps it's to do with building muscle? it weighs more than fat.. although I don't know if it's possible to build muscle with so few calories.. but that would be my only explanation for slower losses..

Last time I did CD I went on my excersise bike most nites.. did up to 100 k a week and my losses were about the same as others.


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As far as I know you cant build muscel on a vlcd as there is not enough calories :confused:
Also if you start to do exercise it needs to be gentle walking swimming ect your body goes on the defence if you try to burn too many calories and goes into starvation and holds on to everything and you start to lose muscle instead of fat .So do exercise but build up slowly and take note of what your body tells you xxx
I used to go to the gym before I started this diet (I was the fat person there!) but I went last week and didnt have the energy for more than 5mins brisk walking on the treadmill, got on the bike instead and 2 mins later... had to go home. I would have usually done an hour on treadmill/bike.

Yesterday I took the dog out for a briskish walk, and same thing.. 10 mins later I had no energy.

I know this diet says not to over-exert yourself when exercising, I imagine we are just no taking in enough calories to sustain a work-out.. a mild walk is about all I can manage till I am finished with this diet.

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