Fitness DVD


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Hi guys, am thinking of getting Pump it up dvd?

Does anyone know if its any good or can recommend any good ones?
Hmn not got that one, certainly sounds energetic lol!

I imported a Jillian Michaels one - the american trainer from Biggest Loser, it's 20 minute workouts of interval training and is pretty tough but gets results. I'm just getting back into the exercise thing after being a lazy thing for five months... gosh I can't believe it was five months, I'm so bad lol

Also the first davina mccall one power of three, her's seem to be pretty popular. I got the rosemary conley mag this month since it's calorie counting so similar to DC and that's caught my eye for her salsacise ones, might nab one in a couple of weeks to give a whirl ;) Let us know how pump it up is if you get it.