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flabby skin...

I would imagine exercise and toning up as we go along this journey would benefit. I hope so...an exercise bike is next on my shopping list, at the moment I'm walking EVERYWHERE.

p.s. I'm 47 and don't want flabby skin either ;)...ooh wish I was 24!
i would deffo reccomend a excerise bike its my pride and joy, watching eastenders & loosing calories :) a month ago it was watch eastenders n eat... lol!
do u think bio oil would be any good? or someone mentioned to be about a body brush?? wot is 1 of those lol xx
I think the best advice is to lose weight gradually, tone up as you go, and keep moisturising.
A body brush is used to increase circulation, stimulate new cell growth, and to exfoliate dead skin cells on your body. You can buy them from Superdrug/Boots and places like that, they sometimes come with a long handle to reach your back, otherwise they're round/oval and just a bit bigger than the palm or your hand.
I think they usually come with instructions but I think you're supposed to start at your feet, and work upwards using short strokes in the direction of your heart.

I've also heard that it's useful to keep drinking lots of water (which is a good thing with Xenical anyway). Hydrated skin is more elastic than dry skin - so the water can only be a good thing!
I think a lot of it depends on genetic factors though, and whether you've lost/gained significant amounts of weight in the past.
When I lost 8 stone a while back, my skin was a bit of a flabby mess in some areas to be honest(stomach, bingo wings, thighs) but there's no way I would want to stay big, just to avoid the loose skin. The best any of us can do is to follow the advice and hope for the best!
yeah very true, good advice thankyou :)
i've always been quite big 2bh and obviously my tummy was the biggest when i was pregnant and got horrible, horrible stretch marks so i definatly dont want to get them going smaller, ive just bought some bio oil and some good moisturiser, so fingers crossed it wont happen to much, also with me excerising and not binge dieting hopefully will help x

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