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Flabby to Abby: healthy eating and exercise diary

Cough. Um. Hi. My food/exercise diary to lose ten - make that twelve since this morning - pounds, the amount that I guess will take me to a flat stomach.

Here's a brief background on me: early twenties, been fat, no bones about it, as a kid and teenager, but became almost slender by accident of poverty a few years back. Now I want to be actually slender, slim and lean and toned and all that, instead of bellyish and wobbly, so I'm going to try a deliberate diet. No calorie counting or supplements or pills, just healthy eating and moderate proportions.

I guess I need to set myself some goals and groundrules. I don't like the word goal though. So I'm gonna call them Challenges instead.


Get up one morning this year at six am and go for a 2 mile run. I can't run two miles, and I'm not a morning person.

* Flat stomach!!!

* Be able to touch my toes

* Be able to do the splits :eek:

* Be able to do a pullup

* From this Saturday until next saturday, eat entirely healthy. No oversize portions. No cakes for snacks. No chocolate. Goodbye chocolate :wave_cry:

These aren't weight related because I don't know exactly what weight is my just right weight, but I think 125 pounds will be around about there. I have a small frame, and low muscle tone.


* I am not on a diet when I'm at a social occassion :p

* Every time I buy a block of chocolate and eat the whole thing in a day or two, I will donate ten bucks to charity.

* Always eat three square meals a day

* Stop using the udon bowl for pasta.

* Stretch every night

* exercise every day

* Record weight each Friday morning.

* Record measurements every month.

Hopefully these will be things which will become habits. I'm off tomorrow morning to buy a lot of fruit and veggies for the eat entirely healthy challenge. The past two weeks have been pretty bad with stress eating because of exams and a lot of social occassions involving heavy food. Hopefully this will kickstart me into being healthy and get rid of the two pounds that magically appeared between last friday and this. I think one of those pounds is ToM but my belly isn't all bloat.
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Hm. Today I didn't stick to all healthy as I wanted. I moved back in with the parents a while back and they buy cakes and food out a lot. Also, I slept in until noon (really needed it though, after several short nights) so I didn't eat breakfast.

fullfat latte
sushi (my parents bought. I'll have to tell them to stop)
black coffee, mini shortbread with it
fullfat natural yoghurt with blueberries and rawsugar
stir fried veggies and steak, piece of grain bread with homus
tiny bowl of organic ice cream

I'm abotu to have another black coffee too. I definitely haven't eaten entirely healthy today, but when I wasin the chocolate shop where I had my coffee, I fought with myself about buying a chocolate and won. I think i'm still set in the mode of last week where I was stress eating a lot, because I normally never feel like dessert more than fruit. Tomorrow won't be great either since I've got an event to go to. But hopefully that's it for the week.

On the bright side, snuck in an unofficial weigh in this morning and was back to 135. I won't count it until friday, but it looks like the ToM heaviness has disappeared.
I knew today wouldn't be great because of going out. It wasn't too bad though, I got in lots of exercise throughout the day, walking, running, child-minding.

Breakfast: porridge with a teaspoon of sugar, black coffee

bread and dips, biscuits, milk coffee, apple, mandarin. black coffee.

gourmet pizza, salad. tea wholegrain cracker with honey. mandarin.

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