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** Flabless Friday Daily Thread **

Good morning :)
Hope we are all well today and feeling strong for the weekend :)

I am about to take my eldest to pre school then taking hubby and Abbie into town to have their mullets cut .. Abbie has a lot of hair and wont keep bobbles in as she 'twirls' her hair when she is tired so it needs chopping !!

then its tidying the house ready for friends coming this weekend :) We are planning a chinese tonight , so i am going to have a chinese omelette , so not too far off plan but still yum :) I am starting 810 on monday anyway so ketosis not much of an issue !!!
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Hi Katie --

Sounds like a good compromise. I hope you have a good weekend.

I have a "daytime" Pampered Chef Party -- I do not need any more kitchen stuff... but it is a chance to meet with some ladies I seldom see.

But... it has been a busy week in the evenings, especially. I feel as if I really behind in what "I should be doing..." -- I'll have to really make an effort this weekend.

I am soooo cold all the time -- and this gray weather is really getting to me.

I hope every one is looking forward to th weekend.



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love the title - wish it was true!!

Hope everyone is ready for the weekend! Long list of things to do today - but am sitting here instead - need to finish a newsletter, address the envelopes (which means I have to sot through and find all the addresses first), tidy the kitchen after my baking fest late last night (all given to little ones pre-school this morning!)and then tidy/sort my craft area so it doesn't resemble a 3 ft high dumping ground. And all before 11.30. Some chance

have a good day - see you later if i get time !


skinny jeans-im on my way
morning everyone,day 5 for me,think im in ketosis now as im feeling very chirpy and energetic,most unusual for a friday,well houswork for me today,then dentist later,hope i dont floor him with my breath!


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Dreading the weekend. Grrr I hate them so much but got no excuses to cheat.

Swimming this afternoon with my LO which should be interesting as we've missed all the lessons so far this year plus the past two weeks he's started crying when he goes in the bath. Hope I don't come out of the lesson deflated and depressed.

Come on flab, melt away!!!


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rubyangel said:
morning everyone,day 5 for me,think im in ketosis now as im feeling very chirpy and energetic,most unusual for a friday,well houswork for me today,then dentist later,hope i dont floor him with my breath!



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Hi gang

Day 16 for me, got nothing planned for the weekend apart from chilling out and doing sweet f.a. which is great! :D

In work at the moment so no fun times here this afternoon lol, went for my WI yesterday and had lost 21lbs in 15 days! That has now gone up to 22lbs in 16 days! yay!

Trying to avoid doing the daily weigh like I used to though, have been pretty good at sticking to the every 3 days rule I made for myself.

Hope you all have a good Friday and enjoy your weekends, keep up the fight against the flab!

Grr wish I sounded as upbeat as everyone else. On day three today and feeling sooooo shaky and weak !! Could barely drag my bum out of bed this morning.
Was meant to be going to the gym and then painting my flat this evening, don't think any of that's going to be happening-oh well a weekend sleeping-could be worse !!
hey , day 3 is always my worst and then it gets loads better , sleep it away or keep busy and tomorrow you will feel a million times better :)

Mrs Taurus

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in-it-to-win-it, you may feel 100 today, but just think about feeling 18 again when you get to goal, whereas when I get to goal I will be happy to feel 30 again! (am 37 in May, but life has been tough since I turned 33, so have aged a great deal in 4 years).
Well we are off to Tesco soon, no doubt will be buying extra treats for Mr T, to compensate for my lack of them.
Stay strong all and have a wobble free weekend.

ps MMMM Determinator that chinese omelette sounds yum, RubyAngel just have a good old gargle of m.wash before you go and MM why not treat yourself to a cheap and cheerful bunch of colourful tulips to brighten things up.x
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Can someone kick me up the bum & tell me to get on with the housework please? Bought a new shower curtain on Sunday and as I had Monday off work thought I'd clean the bathroom & put it up. Needless to say it's still in the wrapper. Did bung some bleach in the loo though!
Work has been poo today - came home and did 45 mins on the wii fit (Imagining when doing the jogging that I was running on someone's head :rolleyes:). Think I might just jump in the shower (complete with old curtain) then curl up and watch trashy telly and slurp my tetra cocktail (tall glass, lots of ice and a straw).


skinny jeans-im on my way
well ,dentist went ok,both kids all good,but i have to go again on monday for a filling,im so paranoid about my death breath cannot stop swigging mouthwash,oh well it will be worth it .stay strong peeps.xx


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Rubyangel, I'm sure killer breath is an occupational hazard if you're a dentist so don't worry about it. One of the reasons I decided not to be a podiatrist was cos I can't bear smelly feet!


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Just a quickie to say hello ! 1st day back at work was ok, boring tho! Went out for birthday tea, had chicken, salad and a bun! But glugging water now. Not my bday til Monday but no babysitter so we just went to a harvester!

Not very sole source but not bad !!!!! Back on plan!!!

Mrs Taurus

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Well done Charley! Don't think it matters where you go, just nice to have a change and for someone else to do all the work! x


please try again
evening girls, hope you had a good one

todays been a good one, another 100% day with my 4 litres of water
spent most of the day curled up on someone elses sofa, under the duvet all cuddled up watching a movie, was lovely :)


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Evening everyone :)

Been 100% all week so I'm proud of myself! Not drinking enough water though at all. Probably only having 1 litre which is terrible!

OH is at uni tonight getting some coursework done so I've been watching telly and just played Singstar Abba haha.

Hope everyones having a lovely evening. It's the weekend woooohooo :D