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Flaming Weddings Grrrrrrrrr

Sorry guys, I'm so mad right now!!!

I'm not getting married for another 2 and a bit years yet but it's causing rows already.

I wanted to get married abroad, keep it low key and have as few people as possible...I hate being the centre of attention and I didn't want my wedding to be overshadowed with family.

However due to my OH's grandparent's I agreed to get married over here out of respect to them. Well the planning started and the guest list got bigger and bigger and bigger ( all my family - there's so many of them) and it's now in a big house with fuss. But ok that's fine I can try and deal with that.

I don't know I just feel like people are trying to take over already, my mum has chosen most of the stuff and she keeps trying to tell me what to have and what not to have. I mean to be fair alot of what she said is right but it is OUR wedding so I don't see why we can't have what we want.

Sometimes I just wish if it wouldn't hurt so many people I could go to Vegas have 10 mins in a room somewhere and then be done with it, move on with life.

Sorry for venting!

Hope everyone else is having a better day than me! xxx
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Sometimes I just wish if it wouldn't hurt so many people I could go to Vegas have 10 mins in a room somewhere and then be done with it, move on with life.
That's what my Daughter Eleanor did, she saw the huge fuss my Son's weeding was and her and Nick decided they were having none of it.

Zim, I'm pretty much certain that's where they married. :)
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Just run off and get married without telling anyone then have a party when you come home!!!! Dont let people dictate to you, its what you want. :D


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Little chapel of flowers was great jim! They were so proffessional and my photos were fabulous.

We had our wedding breakfast in the cheesecake factory (lush menu and huge portions), then went to the nearest craps table and had a winning roll in my wedding dress (no photos of that thought, they dont like cameras in casinos)!!


Yummy mummy to be!

I love that place, it's my fav american chain resturant. Funny though, after you've had your main you never have enough room for the blinking cheesecake!! But that's what doggy bags were made for!
Thank you guys, I know I should just have what I want but I hate making other people unhappy. But like you all said it is my day.
I wanted to go to Vegas but my mum was horrified when I suggested it... So yeah.
My OH is getting on my nerves now - he want's the wedding at his grandparent's farm but his cousin is getting married there next year...and it might sound silly but I don't want to get married there as well if they're getting married there it isn't going to be unique. He wants a small small wedding (like 12 people on his side and 12 on my side) which is fine for him because he has no concerns when cutting people out of the guest list. My family on the other hand are so close knit it would cause problems so as a result I'm bordering on 90 guests on my side hahahahaha :)

I'll just use my powers of persuasion to get my own way :D It usually works :p

Personally Death, Divorce and Moving House supposed to be the most stressful things...Weddings should be right up there on the list !!!

Thanks once again for all your advice and support xxxx
Oh P.s Jim your daughter looks beautiful :) I love her dress.

P.S.S Zim you look lovely too - the chapel looks lovely too.
hun, when i got married my mom and dad had been spilt up for 4/5 yrs, they were still able to argue with each other over thin air ffs!!

i had to say to both....argue? *****? you will BOTH leave, it was hard but they respected the fact it was my wedding day and understood the stress it was causing me ( i wouldnt have said anything if it wasnt) and they both 'behaved' lol)

im sure if your family understood how stressed this was all maing you feel they would back off a bit? xx

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