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Has anyone tried the so called flapjack, my chemist gave me a broken one to try.
OMG its the worst thing I've ever eaten, is there anyone who eats these things regular.
Im so glad it was a freebie, I dread to think what I would have done if I had ordered some.BLAH.:sigh::sigh::sigh:
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They're so gross lol. gemz had some and brought them into work, made some non-LTers try a bit and one person actually described it as tasting like (excuse this...) 'faeces with burned dog hair stuck to it'. pmsl
The one the chemist gave me said cocunut on the label I wasn't expecting to eat the husk. lol.
Medea said she read the ingredients and there's no mention of coconut in them... slightly disturbing if you ask me...


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Laydeez! no, no! I have a peanut one every day for lunch, and though I thought it was really grim at first, now I really like them.
I think the longer you're on LT, the more your taste changes.
Leave it a while and try again.
Sorry to admit this but I quite like them!!!!!!!

They aren't the tastiest thing I've eaten but it is nice to be able to chew and they are convenient when I work as they need no preparation and only one person I work with knows what diet I'm on and I'm happy to keep it that way!

Soup I hated in my first week but my tastebuds have changed and I may give it another go once autumn arrives!



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The first taste can be pretty awful, but believe it or not after a few weeks they do become edible as you do get use to the taste of vitamins and minerals in them.

I like the peanut flavour and I would miss it very much if I did not have it to chew one each day.

Try one again in a few weeks...

Love Mini xxx
nop i took one bite and ran to the bin as quick as i could to get it out my mouth and i dont think i will be trying it again as that experienced put me totally off
totally agree with Madhousemum, as it was afreebie I threw it away then decided to have chicken soup for my tea, added some black pepper and mixed herbs gave it a good whisk and tasted, will not be doing so again, I had to finish it or starve,1 bottle of water later and i can still taste it BLAH BLAH BLAH.


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Well, I think it's time for some positive thinking here.
You're not actually meant to enjoy the shakes, soup and flapjacks.
We only have them to get the correct amounts of vits, minerals and essential protein etc.
The idea is to divorce us from food and the associated pleasure it usually gives us.
Whatever you have, mix it and get it down you quickly, just think of it as fat disolving elixir!
If I dwelled on it for long, I'd find tastes in it all which isn't pleasant too.
If you really hate it, Slimfast is pleasant and tasty, but you'll never get the same results as LT.
No gain without the pain, I'm afraid!
When i first tried them i tried the peanut one and i hated it, it tasted like sawdust nothing at all like flapjack just sawdust with a few crushed nuts. Then a few days later i thought i'd give the coconut one a try i had a bottle of water ready to wash it down but i actually enjoyed it. The day after i tried the peanut one again and enjoyed that too. So this week i'v got another 4 i break 1 into about 8 pieces and put it in a sandwich bag and leave it in the cupboard if i'm feeling peckish i have a piece. Your tasebuds really do change in the first week i loved the soup but hated it in the second week i'v not tried it since but will try it again this week. Keep trying them one day you may actually like them xx


I will do this!!!
I had a coconut one and went hungry that night!! it was vile, tasted like a sawdust floortile. Think ill give it a month or two then try one again!
lol I have to agree pizzle I also went hungry yesterday after trying the peanut one, just had one little nibble and your description of the taste is spot on...urghhhhh
don't want to interfere...but did you guys hear that the bars taste nicer on Cambridge?
It's the only reason I chose CD over LT


I will do this!!!
My sister in law is on CB and she has fudge bars that look and smell and apparently taste sooo nice!!!
I don't know gals...I've not had them since 2006, but CD in my absence have brought out a peanut one I think and a cranberry one
they also have bars thinly covered by 'chocolate' all I remember was they were as good as the shakes but needed extra water to get them down!

I am able to eat the bars after 2 weeks so this Friday I can have one


ahem, I will leave you with your peanut bars..they sound, erm interesting?!

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