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My advice personally is to take the Pharmacists advice... However, saying that, there are lots on here who like them, but they made me heave with every bite, and everyone's taste is different.

Possibly try one next week and see for yourself, but deffo not for me ( i think they are the work of the devil... ha ha.)

Take care and good luck

Michelle x


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Awful honey lol xxx
Detest them but they are for me handy at times due to work so I force them down once a month.......... Minging!


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The Flapjacks are an acquired taste:p

Some like them the first time off!!!

They are not really recommended in the first two weeks as you are more sensitive to the taste of the minerals and vitamins in them.

I could not eat my first one but tried again a few weeks later and it was fine...the peanut one is bearable.

It is nice to have something to chew, also handy if you are out and about and it is not convenient to mix a shake.


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i never thought id say this after the first few but i actually quite enjoy them now..i have one a day!

h x
Harriet your having a Giraffe aint ya.:D x


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G: 68kg
sorry, what?!


h x
giraffe=laugh x


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ah...nope gods honest truth lol ..if thats all ive got to chew on im gonna enjoy it...and no smutty comments on that either lolol

h x
:rolleyes: would I:D


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Haha Harriet im disappointed in you! xx


Desires to be slim....
They sound intriguing!!! I think im gonna have to ask the Chemist for a few next month. What are the flavours??


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now let me think about that.....


oh yes lol

h xx

(right off to bed, im tired out)


h x


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peanut and coconut

only ever tried the peanut ones :)

thought theyd be safest lol

h x


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As safe as you're going to get lol. Night hun xx

xx Cathy xx

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I agree with your pharmacist. Only have them when REALLY necessary! Someone who I know who used to do LT said if you put water on them they taste a bit like weetabix.... I'm not convinced so not bothered trying that. Let me know if anyone else has.
No sithy but tha will;)


weighs a lot less
i quite like the peanut ones if you ask your pharmasist they can get you samples so at least if you dont like them you arent going to miss a meal xx
first time i had a flapjack it made me sick, but tried them again a month l8r and must say i love them now. im actually havin cravings for one rite now lol. def best for wen ur out n about and the convienence of jus openin them up and not havin to make up shakes is cool.

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