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Is thinking positive!

The pharmacist said they were horrible but I am really craving some actual `food` are they worth a try. I am just starting day 3.


No harm in trying them hey?? :eek::D

Some Like them some hate them..Bit like marmite :p I found the peanut butter ones to be slightly better than the coconut but they are both still disgusting!! But you never know you may just like them :) Hi by the way..Good luck with you're LT journey.


Is Irrepressible!! : )
I think the fj are ok!

The coconut ones have definitely had a bit of a makeover now though as they actually taste like coconut (not sure if my mind is playing tricks on me though). However, ScaryCatLady had one the other day (bearing in mind she had tried a bit prior to starting LT) and said they did taste better.

However, a couple of weeks ago I had to munch through a peanut one that was sooo salty I thought I was going to vomit. Didn't think too much about it until I had another peanut one last night. I had a couple of bites and then decided enough was enough and chucked it away. Luckily I have a spares pack- so I haven't missed a meal. It only appears to be the peanut ones that have been affected- and its not all of them btw.

Try it, you might like it :D (but get a couple in a spares pack- then at least you won't go hungry!) xx


on the up lol
never tryed them :rolleyes: but aint u spose to have them after the first week ?
i read somewhere on here that you can pour half a vanilla shake over half a flapjack and it's like having cereal - I've yet to be convinced!!


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Flapjacks are an acquired taste...the Marmite description is pretty apt.

Usually you wait two weeks before taking them as by then your body is use to all the vitamins and minerals in LT as they come across very strong in the flapjacks which overpowers the peanut and coconut flavours...in time you can taste the peanut and coconut flavour more than the vitamins.

I find they are great for having something to chew...it still takes me almost an hour to eat a whole one.:)

Love Mini xxx
Seems some people on here love em, I think they are like shoes soles but defo worth a try.
My pharmacist advises not to try them til around week 3 tho, I dont know if this is because your taste buds alter (& they definately do) so maybe after that they actually taste better (I never tried em again lol)
Good luck
I have a peanut flapjack a day and find them fine, though some batches are better than others!!! I like to chew and they are convenient if you are on the go. I have them at work and have even been known to eat one in the car when I am out and realise I haven't had a "meal". It is worth trying one but, as Medea suggested, ask your pharmacist if you can buy some extras just incase you don't like it or so you have a few in reserve just in case you can't get to the pharmacy on WI day. When I started there were the 2 May Bank Holidays coming up and work commitments so I bought 2 weeks worth one week so if my WI couldn't be first thing Monday I'd still have packs to get me through.

As mentioned i was told no flatjacks till week 3 ... hmm wonder why i didnt question it but my pharmacist lets me take back any unopened packets i don't like so that helps - good luck i am on day 7 it gets easier xx
I would try them, you might just like them.
I can only stomach the vanilla shakes & thats all i have but other like other flavours so everyone is different.

Personally i think they are horrible. Just the smell alone was horrible & the taste was even worse. However others like it so try one.
i broke a coconut one up into a warm choc shake!!!! Rank!!!! The coconut flapjack reminds me of what i think eating cigarettes would taste like!!! Took me over an hour to eat, mushed the fj up to crumbs in the end just to try get it down!!! everyone's diff tho so i think you should try, follow the pharmacists advice, wait til wk 3 and buy an extra shake in case you can't stomach it!!!
My pharmacist told me not to try the FJ til after 2 weeks but when i went on Friday i asked for one of each flavour to try. I took a nibble of the coconut one yday, scraped it out of my mouth, N-A-S-T-Y!!!! I ain't even going to try finishing it. Luckily (or not so luckily) i missed a meal yday cos i wasnt well and slept through. I couldnt face tryin to force it down after the chicken soup made me want to hurl (no previous probs with it), so i have an extra pkt


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flapjacks what can i say;RANK,DISGUSTING,YUK!!!! but hey some people like them....BUT I CERTAINLY DON'T, lol
flapjacks what can i say;RANK,DISGUSTING,YUK!!!! but hey some people like them....BUT I CERTAINLY DON'T, lol
your not filling me with confidence!!

i checked out the CD diet today... those lucky ducks get like a million diff flavors and chewable things... boy did i pick the wrong diet!


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