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Is anyone else watching this?

For those who haven't heard about it, it's Channel 5's new US sci-fi series. The basic storyline is in the first episode the whole world blacks out for 137 seconds and whilst they're blacked out they all have a premonition of their life in 6 month's time.

The main character is an FBI agent who's trying to discover who or what is behind the blackout.

I'm loving it, if you've not seen it try and catch it! The first three episodes are still on 5's online catchup thingy.
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I'm watching it too, I love Lost and can see this becoming my next fav programme.
I started watching yesterday, I watched the first two episodes on Channel Five's website and then the 3rd when it was aired, and so far I have been recommending it left and right. Really has hooked my imagination, loving it so far. It is apparently based on a book with the same title, although it is only the idea and not the characters that have been taken as far as I am aware, so could be a good potential read too :D
Ooo I might get that then, I'm wondering if the future is inevitable or if their actions are making the future happen in the way they saw in the visions.
I'm always looking for a good read, think I'll get the book after the series has finished, bet it would be a good read.

Lexi, I was wondering the same thing, if there's any way they can change the future. I wondered how Demetri's (?!) fiance thought she saw him on the wedding day when he's supposed to have been murdered?!

I'm loving it!
Yup, all three are still there - just checked for you. In big bold letters it has just the 2nd and 3rd episode, but if you look underneath they're all listed. Definitely watch it, it's great!
Obtained *cough* the first three episodes last night and watched the first this morning. Brilliant! Hopefully I'll be fully caught up by Monday.

I was going to watch it on DemandFive, but t'other half said "Oooh, what's that?" So I explained. And he said "Ooo, that sounds cool!" So rather than each of us watch it antisocially at our own computers we went for Option 2 :D
Hadn't thought of it being funeral, def possibility. I was thinking maybe she was asleep and dreaming in the future
Ohhhh, I think you could be onto something with the funeral/memorial idea.

Glad you've joined us in the Flashforward appreciation CB!

Can't wait for the next installment...


Gotta Make A Change
6 episodes done
it really is getting interesting
really good show
especially episode 6 scene in the living room very cosy lol
Absolutely loving FlashForward.
Loads of theories to things at the moment but really I've no real idea what might happen next.
Really pleased to see Dominic Monaghan again (got a strange thing for him) looks like he's going to be a bad-guy aswell so be good to see his charature develope.
Not sure about Lexi's FF it wasnt clear she saw Demetri so she may indeed be marrying someone else (or be a bridesmaid)

Anyway, looking forward to the next installment. So glad there are 22 parts to keep us going.


The Minis Bad Boy
I personally love all these shows but it failed to grip me.

Really failed to grip me. And god knows I tried.

Now if you want a show that will grip you and toss you around the same way LOST did. Then watch Jericho!!!


The Minis Bad Boy
I know!!! Outrageous. They are publishing a book in January which is basically season 3. So I shall eb buying that seeing what they were going to be filming.

Also I fell in love with Shoshannah Stern on that show...... swooons..