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Hi All,

Could I ask what flavour shakes and soups there are, I forgot to ask my LL counsellor and don't seem to be able to find any information on the LL website.

I know there is a chili soup, mushroom soup and chocolate milkshake, but are there any other flavours?

I have used the CD shaked and soups and wondered how they compare, if anyone knows?

Louale x
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chicken vegetable
thai chilli


not sure about the bars i only have peanut

hope that helps
S: 19st5lb C: 12st10lb G: 13st0lb Loss: 6st9lb(34.32%)
never tried cd i'm afraid
Thanks for that Vintella.

Louale x
To expand on Vintella's answer, this is what is on offer from my LLC;

Thai Chilli
Tomato (new, I think)


Fruit (smooth bar)
Peanut (crunch bar)
Toffee (smooth bar)
Cranberry and Raspberry (crunchy bar)
Lemon (smooth bar)

You can also mix any of the packs to get a new flavour i.e.
Half pack choc and half pack banana is quite nice

or add a spoonful of coffee to the choc to get a latte-like flavour

there's more, but that'll get you started I think :)
Thanks for that Pete.

There's more of a choice than I thought there was, which is good.

Louale x


Guess who's back...?
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Yup - really not too keen though. Haven't had it for a while - they may have stopped it?? Not sure.. hmmmm.... x


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I love my hot choc and vanilla mixed!!

You can also get water flavors, I have the sunshine orange, its really nice but to be honest Ive only used it twice, its easier to just have water. Also you get savory drinks. the water flavors and savory drinks cost extra.


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I have the sunshine orange with sparkling water, kind of like fizzy orange.
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oh well, I never tried it and by the sounds of it thats a good thing, I'l stick to my chocolate and be happy :)
Hi PEte - have you tried Mint Chocolate yet?

Its GOOD! If you like mint choc!

If you do - brew some string peppermint tea, chill it and make your shake with it - or make it hot. I preferred it cold. Actually, thick as heck with ice like mint choc ice cream! But its a bit cold now!!

It is the one drink I had to add sweetener too though, as the Chocolate doesn;t take like chocolate to me without it - so for each 400ml shake I add 2 Hermasitas.

Its yummy!!! Saw me through a few months consistantly! :)
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Re how they compare to the CD soups/shakes, I'd say they're pretty similar - in fact I'd go so far to say that the Thai Chilli is the same as the Oriental Chilli on cd --- which I'm made up about as I loved the Thai Chilli. Think the banana and strawberry shakes on LL are a bit thicker .... but then that could be cos I put in less water ???
I do have the water flavours from my CD days. I used to mix a little of the orange flavour with a vanilla shake, only a tiny amount though as it makes it a little fizzy.

Louale x
Is the savoury drink like the Marigold Boullion? I was buying the savoury drink from CD but it was so so much more expensive than the low sale marigold boullion. I might try one of the savoury drinks out and see how much it costs compared to the Marigold.

Louale x
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The savoury drink is like Marigold but it is expensive - I always just bought Marigold once I heard about that.
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Does adding sweetener to the choc really make it better? It's starting to turn my stomach now and I can't take it unless it's made into ice cream (which isn't great when it's freezing outside and you practically have icicles hanging off you!).

Love the veg soup though it's soooo comforting, highly reccomended.

Emma xXx

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