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Last year when i did Foundation the flavours available for the shakes and soups were:

strawberry, raspberry, caramel, vanilla, chocolate, banana
vegetable, mushroom and chicken.

Have they changed them?

And what is new in the range?

Are the bars any less revolting?

One last thing, i am thinking of doing LLL rather than going into refreshers or doing the odd month.

Having done foundation last year and RtM will i have to get a doctors permission again before starting LLL? And are the monthly checks necessary?

Sorry for so many questions xxx:D
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Hi Lemma

Think there have been a few changes, shakes and soups now come in strawberry, choc, banana, vanilla, chicken, mushroom, veg and thai chilli.
Bars I think are raspberry & cranberry, peanut, lemon, fruit and toffee.
All down to personal taste, but personally I like all the bars except lemon, and all the soups and shakes except banana and thai chilli (although for my first couple of weeks thai chilli was my favourite - think I may have overdosed on it!!)
Not sure re your question about LLL as I am doin LL, but someone here, or in the LLL-dedicated forum will help you on that I'm sure.
Good luck! :)


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So they have got rid of the raspberry shake. I thought they were doing that. I can remember they were trialling a tomato soup - is that not an official flavour now?

Thai chilli was also about last year - i just forgot! DOH!

oh well, c'est la vie. Not too many changes then.

Thanks lucylastic x
Sorry, yes, the raspberry is being discontinued - though I think there's a few still about, and yes - there is a tomato soup. I always forget that one, as everyone I've spoken to says it's vile, and I'm not a great lover of tomato soup at the best of times, so I've never bothered. May give it a whirl next week though, a change is as good as a rest and all that!! xx


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Yup, don't forget the porridge!!

The peanut bar is chewier and the Cranberry and raspberry is num num!!

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